Monday, January 3, 2011

Liberal Brand Suffers Severe Damage

A new poll just out has suggested that the Liberal party is suffering severe damage to it's brand. Very few respondents in the poll had few positive things to say about the party.
Based on first mentions, it is clear that the Liberal Party brand is severely damaged and the negativity associated with the party extends beyond Michael Ignatieff’s leadership.
These results suggest that the Sponsorship Scandal continues to hurt the Liberal brand and the residual effect is a lasting association with corruption, arrogance, and dishonesty.
Most troubling for the Liberal Party is that very few respondents mentioned positive phrases or words about the Liberal Party. Instead, comments described the party as having weak leadership, being dishonest and corrupt, and divided.
That is not good if Iffy wants to defeat the government and take us into in an election this spring. On the other hand the same poll also shows the Conservatives and the NDP are in much better shape.
A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that relatively speaking, the Conservative and NDP brands are in a better position heading into a possible spring federal election than the Liberal brand.
Respondents were asked to identify what first came to their minds when they think about each major national party.  The results are displayed in word clouds found below or in the detailed report found here.
“Stephen Harper and Jack Layton dominate their respective brands,” said Abacus Data CEO, Dr. David Coletto.  “The popularity of each party is heavily influenced by how Canadians view the Conservative and NDP leaders.”
While high recognition rates can be a positive factor, dominance by a single leader can also produce problems.
“The good news for the Conservative Party is that many Canadians associate the party with the economic recovery and low taxes,” said Coletto.  “Despite the fact that Canadians continue to worry about the economy and their jobs, the opposition has not been able to dislodge the Conservative advantage on the economy.”
The opposition Liberal Party had the bleakest results.  Very few Canadians mentioned anything positive about the party, with most comments describing the party as lacking good leadership, being corrupt or dishonest.
“Canadians seem to still identify the Liberal party by its past wrongs, perhaps as a result of a lack of direction, internal division, and weaker leadership over the past few years,” said Coletto.  “Weak leadership and internal division is the Liberal brand as they enter 2011.”
Finally, the NDP continues to be a conflicted brand.  The NDP and its leader Jack Layton are well regarded by Canadians but only one in five said would vote for it in Abacus Data’s poll released in early December.
“The NDP is very much a function of Jack Layton,” said Coletto.  “The NDP is seen by Canadians as a caring party that defends the interests of working people but its policies are considered unrealistic my many.”
I think the Liberals should think hard and long before they defeat the government  If they want to go into an election fine but they'll  also suffer the consequences. They badly lost the trust of Canadians and have a long way to go gain it back again and it's not just changing leaders.  It goes way deeper than that.

Probably the best thing for Liberals maybe is an election result with a Conservative majority and NDP as official opposition.  They would then have at least four years to figure out who they are,what they stand for and rebuild from the bottom up. Maybe just maybe there too wouldn't be so much muck raking and making up faux scandals that they would actually work at developing some credible policy and act like an official opposition and government in waiting.  Then maybe they could earn back the public's trust again. Look how long it took Conservatives. It took years before we actually figured things out and got our act together. Thank God we finally did.  The country is better off for it.   It will take Liberals at least that long if not more.

This related from WK 
Far and Wide: Steve V. calls for a cultural change in the Liberal Party, bottom to top.  He says that’s the only thing that’ll make it relevant.  He’s right, of course.  It will also never happen.  Carry on as you were.


  1. Every time someone from the Liberal Party opens their mouth what comes out is tremendous amounts of negativity. I can list any number of Liberal MP's that I mute when I come across them on the TV.

    Marc Holland and Scott Brison are but two.
    And lets not forget their leader referring to the Prime Minister as "this guy" or the Canadian government as "these guys". Telling us that "this guy" (the Prime Minister) is mean-spirited and not worthy of leading.
    I know what's coming before they even open their mouths so I don't have to listen.

    They all fail to realize that the Conservatives have the support of a rather large number of Canadians and when they disparage the Conservative Party and their policies in such a negative way they also disparage those Canadians who support them.
    Including those who voted Liberal during the last election.

  2. I know what you mean NeilD. They are the negative ones and yet they and their media cheerleaders call Conservatives negative. Also the disrespect for the Prime Minister is astounding. Even in the media they don't refer to the him as Prime Minister they refer to him as just Harper. In the US you see more respect for the President even from those who don't like him. His opponents and even those in the media who don't really like President Obama still refer to him as the President. It's respect for the office.
    All I can say is that the opposition and the media in this country are disgraceful.

  3. Just before I forget here is a clip to a video seen below on Canada

  4. The Liberals realize their weakness on economic matters, which is why they are trying to convince Canadians that the sky is falling. Meanwhile the TSX gained 14% in 2010, the dollar is up 6%, and unemployment is down.

    All indicators point to strong economic management, yet somehow we are supposed to believe that the world is coming to an end?

  5. Thanks for posting that video Jen. How would Liberals and their cheerleaders explain that away?

  6. All indicators point to strong economic management, yet somehow we are supposed to believe that the world is coming to an end?

    Exactly! When the opposition keeps on with that belly aching,and can't find anything positive, you would think they actually hate our country. Their media cheerleaders as well.

  7. What 'fiscal' management the liberals seem keep saying that they are good at.

    I don't consider taking money from the military, provinces infrastructure, healthcare education etc etc as fiscal management at a time when the economy was booming. Nor do I consider taking the E I fundings then spend it whereever they wish then to have the general public the lump sum of $56-60 Billion to repay the E I by raising the EI premiums.
    The liberals made us repay the E.I. funds.

    Now, at a time we face, the PM is forced to give back money where the liberals took from.

    frmgrl, SunTV, has yet to tackle the liberals on issues which needs to be dealt with once and for all before moving forward. If SunTV cannot ask the liberals serious questions regarding to the liberals huge debt before goingg after the conservatives on theirs; then I say to you right now, SunTV is better than CBC CTV.


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