Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bloc's Blackmail

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois has stated his price for support of the budget that federal government is to present in March. He wants $5 billion.  It's nothing more that blackmail IMHO. 
QUEBEC — The Bloc Quebecois, with 47 seats in the House of Commons, has announced its price for supporting the Conservative minority government's new budget: The BQ wants $5 billion for Quebec, including $2.2 billion to compensate the province for harmonizing its provincial sales tax with the federal goods and services tax.
I say NO. They have extorted enough from the ROC already.  They are the spoiled child of confederation and it's about time the pandering stop.  If the government gives in and gives them this money, it still won't be enough.   It's never enough. The hands will still be out.  Besides the Conservatives would lose support in the ROC especially in the west here.

It's time to impose some tough love. Don't cave and let the chips fall where they may.  If the CPC loses seats in Quebec so be it.  They'll gain else where. If they comply with Gilles demands, they will lose seats in ROC.

Please PM Harper, Minister Flaherty, Minister of State for Finance, Ted Menzies, SAY NO!  Don't give in to the Bloc's demands! Enough is enough!
Makes you wonder what the Bloc's coalition partners have promised them.


  1. "NO" Would be the correct answer.
    Election be damned - Go for it!

    E Mac/

  2. Not a dime! It's time someone called their bluff. The Bloc has finally came right out and said that their only interest in Canada is as a milch cow for their socialist programs.

  3. I wouldn't worry about that harpers way to smart to fall for that. remember he isn't a liberal. and he knows he has quebec rite where he wants them.

  4. I wonder if Duceppe laughs hardest at the federalists parties for twisting themselves into knots trying to please him,
    or at the greedy federalist Quebecers who have been sucked into the separatist vortex, for the goodies.

    I don't blame Quebecers for Duceppe turning them into greedy needy dupes,
    I blame the federal parties for enabling him to do so.

  5. I don't blame Quebecers for Duceppe turning them into greedy needy dupes,
    I blame the federal parties for enabling him to do so.

    I agree,wilson. It's all about those 75 seats that can lead to obtaining power,even more so a majority government. Although I believe it's possible for the CPC to win a majority without Quebec.

  6. What makes any federalist party think Quebecers would vote for a poor imitation of the Bloc, when they have the real thing already in Parliament?

    The Bloc made ridiculous demands intended to be turned down.
    the 1998 ice storm?
    did the Bloc caucus break out into hysterical laughter when they came up with that one?

    Predicably Ducey can play his 'see, Quebec is cheated again'

    This game and Duceppe's reign need to be over.
    The short path to that is, give Quebecers their fair share and what they deserve,
    a Harper majority without Quebec.

  7. No ransom for the blocmailers.
    Surprise, Layton says he will read the budget before making a decision. What, has he seen polling that will see him lose seats due to his switch on gun control. Is he trying to find a way to keep an election from happening.
    Or, has he finally completed a reading course.


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