Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Most Canadians Agree With PM Harper On The Death Penalty

Last week PM Harper had an interview on CBC with Peter Mansbridge in which Mansbridge asked the PM questions on what he would do if he gets a  majority after next election.  One of those questions that were asked of the PM were would he bring back the death penalty.
When asked about reopening the death penalty issue, Harper said that he doesn't "see the country wanting to do that."
"I personally think there are times where capital punishment is appropriate," Harper said, but added that he has "no plans to bring that issue forward."
Well it seems that most Canadians agree with PMSH in a poll that the Sun Media had conducted after the interview.
It turns out such a bill would garner more support than Harper's Conservatives currently do in the polls.
Over the weekend, Ottawa’s Abacus Data found that 66% of Canadians agree with Harper and support the death penalty “in certain circumstances,” but only 41% want the feds to bring back it back a punishment for murder.
The largest group, 41%, said they agreed with the death penalty in certain circumstances and believe the government should reinstate it, while 25% said they support the death penalty but do not believe it should be reinstated.
Total opposition to the death penalty came in at 28%, and another 7% were undecided.
Where does Iffy Waffle personally stand on this issue?  Has the great Peter Mansbridge or any so called journalist actually asked him? 


  1. Perhaps all along the majority of Canadians were not afraid of a 'secret agenda'
    perhaps they did see Harper's Canada as their Canada,
    but Canadians were just waiting to see more evidence the united right was ready for prime time.

  2. What circumstances would be approiate to have someone die for a criminal offense?

    No I don't agree with it, under any circumstances.

  3. Easy NWT. Take a life intentionally and with malicious intent (ie not self defense or defense of another) and forfeit your own. It's not that hard. Yes I can hear all the "ya, buts" out there, but I think they're mostly irrelevant. If you kill someone and it's clear that was your intention then it's pretty cut and dry. All the other circumstances have the various other degrees of murder or manslaughter under the law that wouldn't qualify for the death penalty.

    It's goes back to basic criminology. The crime requires two components: a criminal act and criminal intent. If both can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt then there's no reason the punishment shouldn't fit the crime.

  4. Now iggy thats gotta sting like getting slapped with a wet mitt on a cold day


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