Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pre-Election Election

It feels like an election campaign without the writ being dropped with the Waffle already on another one of his tours and Jack Layton on a tour too,    Gillies Duceppe starts his today.  The opposition coalition  leaders with their chests puffed out talking tough making their demands on the budget or they'll vote it down. 

Fine then. PM Harper has made it perfectly clear the Conservatives will not bow down to the demands of any of the coalition partners yesterday in an interview with the National Post and when there is an election they will campaign on killing the $2 a vote political party subsidy.  Amen!
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will campaign in the next election to kill direct public financing for political parties, which last year cost taxpayers $27-million.
In an exclusive interview with Postmedia News on Wednesday, Mr. Harper also warned he will not bend to opposition demands to back down on corporate tax cuts, which he said are essential for the Canadian economy.
“I won’t kid you, and I think it’s one of the reasons why I don’t think a minority will go on forever — this government will not make compromises that it believes are damaging to the Canadian economy,” Mr. Harper said.
“We have made it a fundamental principle of our government since we got into office that we would have a competitive tax structure for job creators, for employers in this country.”
He also made it clear the coalition will rear it's ugly face again should the Conservatives be returned with a minority.
Mr. Harper also said he is convinced that if he wins the next election with a minority, the three main opposition parties will move “the next day” to form a coalition government to replace him.
I do think he's right. If voters don't for a Conservative majority, the coalition will rise and try and take power.  I believe they are that power hungry. I can see it happening again.  We must not and cannot allow that to happen. PM Harper and his government eventhough not perfect has done a darn good job governing the last five years when you consider all the obstacles they've had to face.  A minority government with a hostile opposition, a hostile media, all the faux scandals, an economic downturn that was the worst in decades, they've done pretty well. Just think if they what they could accomplish  if they didn't have all that to face and had a majority.  They certainly deserve one that's for sure.

If it's allowed to happen the coalition would undo all the good PM Harper has done, put our recovery in jeopardy, and would be chaotic to say the least.  If the coalition wants  vote against the budget and trigger an election, bring it on.  You know what they say, "Be careful of what you wish for."  

You can watch the  the PM Post Media interview here.


  1. I can't imagine a coalition of losers getting anything done, other than what is 'good for Quebec'.

    Can you imagine the infighting in a Liberal/Dipper caucus! LOL
    There are 19 socon Lib MPs, for starters.

    Can you imagine the uproar in the general public, the CPC won 57% of the seats in the ROC in 2008,
    that's a majority,
    a majority that will not sit quietly while Jack and Iffy dole out cabinet seats.

  2. Can you imagine the infighting in a Liberal/Dipper caucus! LOL

    Oooooh,that could be brutal! Not good for the country that's for sure.


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