Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Coalition Out of Touch

While the media and the coalition keep harping on the Bev Oda non issue, Canadians are paying more attention to the 10 yr.old girl who sings Lady Gaga's new song.

At the same time they're not helping the government address the bread and butter issues that most Canadians are concerned about like jobs, the economy, and security etc. For instance  the coalition are missing  the boat when it comes to addressing the human smuggling issue that PM Harper government is trying to do something about.
If the opposition parties think that Canadians are going to run out and vote against the Conservatives over technical issues or specific clauses in C-49, then they have seriously misjudged what is a true hot-button issue for both native-born Canadians and new Canadians. This in turn hands the Conservatives an important club to batter the opposition with during an election, or perhaps a vote that could trigger one if the Conservatives designated it a confidence motion. Stay tuned for more anti-human smuggling rhetoric from the Conservatives as they take full advantage of the oppositions blindness on this issue.
If the coalition wants to keep hammering on the Oda case thinking they can win they should think again.  It's  like one Liberal blogger puts it, "Also, if this is the stuff the Liberals are counting on to win an election, we’re toast." 
The coalition is out of step with Canadians on prisons too as most support the government's plan.


  1. The Conservatives have done a great job over the last 5 years as a minority. The way the Coalition is acting, the screeching the piling on in the HOC is embarrassing.
    We are in better shape than any other Country, why does the opposition not grow up.

  2. We are in better shape than any other Country, why does the opposition not grow up.

    I think they're jealous.

  3. LibDips and their media are FRANTIC to set up a narrative to justify their plans on bringing down a competent government this spring.

    They, opps and the media, have been pounding the antidemocratic/deception drums.

    It falls on deaf ears as we all watch the spectacle of REAL antidemocratic/deceptive dictators kill their people.
    The coalition of losers and their media just can't get a break, eh.

    How kindly will Canadians take to the attempted charactor assassination of Minister Oda,
    when all the facts come out in committee,
    or if Milliken sees the light and stops the unmerciful attacks on her??

    (h/t Calgary Junkie)
    Norman Spector, on CKNW, Monday @ 10:19 AM:

    "... There's just SO much mis-information floating around on this issue. So I'm just going to make a prediction: That when the Speaker of the House of Commons, Milliken rules, he will rule that the Minister did NOT lie to Parliament, and there was NO document forgery ...

    There's been such a feeding frenzy in the media in Ottawa, I haven't seen anything like this since 1991 ... the Speaker will rule that there is no prima-facie case of contempt of Parliament in this instance"

    Shame on you National Post and Sun Media so-called journalists, for following the pack, I expected more.

    The ONLY media support Minister Oda had from the start, was here on Bloggingtories, with a FEW blog hosts.
    Kudos to you.

  4. It falls on deaf ears as we all watch the spectacle of REAL antidemocratic/deceptive dictators kill their people.
    The coalition of losers and their media just can't get a break, eh.

    Exactly! The world is on fire and the coalition and the media are obsessed with Bev Oda. Something is wrong with that picture!

  5. One of the biggest issues around Oda is the political judgement of the key players involved--Harper on how to deal with Oda, and Iggy/Donolo on how to pursue it. Politics is such a complicated game, with so many unknowns, so many considerations, that it comes down to whether you trust your leader's judgement on the issue.

    Obviously, given his past record, I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Harper's judgement on how to deal with Oda. He may yet do something like demote her in the next cabinet shuffle (like he did with Lisa Raitt, Gordon O'Connor and Gary Lunn, for example). But he will do it on his own timetable.

    On the Liberal side, my sense is that they are over-playing it. Iggy should have brought it up for maybe two days at most in QP, then handed it over to a couple of attack dog critics. Then Iggy should have reverted back to his narratives about planes, prisons, etc.

    A few weeks ago, Lib bloggers were over-joyed about this new narrative, backed up with tv ads. So where is that narrative and the ads now ? Gone. It just doesn't make sense to me, that Iggy would get sidetracked by Oda, and largely abandon what was supposedly an effective narrative/campaign.

    Hence, I conclude that enough Libs will cave on the budget vote, if the Dippers don't save them.

    Calgary Junkie

  6. On the Liberal side, my sense is that they are over-playing it.

    I think you're right. As far as election goes? I'm keeping my powder dry for now. Brian Lilley this morning on the Steve Madely show,CFRA,thinks there will NOT be a spring election because the Tories are address enough of the Dippers demands ie rural doctors,and probably boosting CIS that they will support the budget. I tend to agree.

  7. Calling Kevin Page....Iffy needs you NOW, his office

    '...For the fiscal year ending next month, Ottawa is forecasting a deficit of $44 billion, and the whisper number for the coming fiscal year is well under $30 billion...

    There's also the most skilled workforce, with the highest post-secondary graduation rates, of any OECD country, and the most generous R&D incentives of any industrialized country...

    In a survey of 33 advanced countries by the International Monetary Fund, Canada ranks second only to Australia in series of economic, health, social and education metrics, while the U.S. lags badly in most...


    Tories craft compelling economic story
    By almost any measure, Canada is doing far better than the U.S. and most other G7 countries
    By L. IAN MACDONALD, Freelance February 23, 2011

    frmgrl, I am sure that you saw this from a blogger at BLY. It is important that for those bloggers who frequently come here to read this article- because my friend, the msm would die a thousand deaths before reporting the positive news on CANADA.

    Maybe, the media are not only too busy over the 'NOT-GATE but have to find ways to soften the blows on PAUL MARTIN'S friend-QADDAFI.

  9. Tories craft compelling economic story

    That is really a good news story. What a great narrative have! And what the coalition have pales in comparison. It'll be a no brainer for voters to decide. The MSM hate that. They prefer the TMZ tabloid garbage.

  10. My girlfriend who is >NOT political saw Not story on CBC and was super annoyed. The world is burning and the opposition is behaving like children over protocol. Its embarrassing. Shame on Socialists, all of them.

  11. Alex,I think this is turning a lot of people off. I mean it's unbecoming especially for the Liberals who want to be the government in waiting.
    I don't even watch the political shows or question period anymore because of the coalition's behavior. The media? They're just tabloid gossip mongers. Anything for a juicy story to make Conservatives look bad.

  12. I cannot cannot bring myself to watch the media that have no use for their own country especially at how she,canada is conssidered the best country economically.

    CBC and the other leftard media reporters say that PMHARPER has embarassed canada in the international scene that stephen harper is an embasrassment to canada.

    Well to tell all those 'freaky' medias:

    YOU ARE 'THE' EMBARASSMENT TO CANADA and International scene.

    In fact, you are a 'DISGRACE' to the journalism profession thereby you do not -DO NOT represent Our CANADA, OUR PM, OUR CITIZENS nor the military either in the news or commentary.

    You owe the CANADIAN PUBLIC, your RESIGNATION and departure from the media broascasting and national television.

  13. Well to tell all those 'freaky' medias:

    YOU ARE 'THE' EMBARASSMENT TO CANADA and International scene.

    They are an embarrasssment! They have no respect for the PM.


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