Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Media Has Failed on the Oda "NOT" Story

Over the last week the lame stream media has bombarded  print and the airwaves with the so called Minister Bev Oda forgery and how she lied stories about a document refusing funding for KAIROS which is actually an activist group that lobbies for social and ecological justice.. 

The media failed IMHO as usual to get to the facts and the truth. Photos of Ms. Oda  wearing sunglasses and smoking was plastered all over the papers to make her look in as bad light as possible. The photos have nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand.  They've hung her before all the facts are known. Instead they keep repeating the coalition talking points. Did they not pay attention to what was testified to in committee?  Did they not listen to what Margaret Biggs, CIDA's president and accounting officer had said?
Mr. Jean Dorion:
    Ms. Biggs, was the word “not” handwritten on the form that you signed on September 28, two months before the minister signed it?
Ms. Margaret Biggs (President, Canadian International Development Agency):
    No, it wasn't, sir.
Mr. Jean Dorion:
    So then, when you signed the form, you were in fact giving your approval. You were recommending approval, since the form states:
   “Recommendation: That you sign below to indicate you approve a contribution of $7,098,756 over four years for the above program.”
So then, on September 28, you were recommending that the minister approve the project.

Ms. Margaret Biggs:
    Yes, I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department's advice.

     This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that's quite normal.

    I think we have changed the format for these memos so the minister has a much clearer place to put where she doesn't want to accept the advice, which is her prerogative.
I don't know if it's just plain laziness, the strong dislike they have for PM Harper and his government, especially the women in this government, or is it incompetence?  There has not been any common sense fairness  in this story whatsoever.  For that you have to go to the blogs for that including this one from a Liberal blogger no less.  It is thorough, well though out, fair and clear. Others to check out are Climbing out of the Dark, CruxoftheMatter, Bluelikeyou, and The Iceman.  It has taken citizen journalists to do the job of the so called profession journalists.  No wonder the lame stream media is losing credibility.

Greg Weston from CBC stated something rather disturbing on Power and Politics the other day that really should be investigated. He hinted at maybe some collusion going between civil servants and media.  You can hear it here at the 18:45 mark. 
“Good for us potentially, because, I think, I’m hearing more and more from the senior public service saying ‘enough’. And if they turn against the Harper Government there is no more ferocious enemy because they have all the brown envelopes.”
What did Greg mean by "us anyway?"  If this is true, it's not good and I believe needs to be looked into.  This is a good example of why PM Harper and the Conservatives need a majority.  House needs to be cleaned in the service.

The media and the opposition coalition have taken it upon themselves to be prosecutor, judge,jury and executioner before all the evidence is in.  They are seeing what they want to see. They are hearing what they want to hear never mind the truth.  They are looking for out their own self interests only and are trying everything in the book to bring this government down even if it means ruining reputations in the process.  They don't' care. They don't care about you. They don't care about me. They don't care about the country.
Shame on the media!!!   Thank God for the internet and blogs! 


  1. You haven't seen nothing yet, check this out.



  2. "What did Greg mean by "us anyway?""

    It means what was heard and interpreted by the consumer and what I heard is that the media insiders, referenced so often as 'anonymous sources' are S..T disturbing bureaucrats. The lazy journalists are in a position to use this type of info to meet a deadline because no one seems to care whether it's factual or not.

    Sadly there may be a time when one of these exposures has credibility but we all know the story, "The boy that cried wolf" and eventually the 'people' just ignored the cries when they were real.
    WE are the "people"!

  3. Only 2 months after PMSH was elected,
    the media warned him,
    we made you we can break you.

    March 2006
    CBC Larry Zolf

    "...Harper’s treatment of the media is that of an ingrate. The media made Harper. The media also first made Trudeau and Mulroney. Later, the media made both Trudeau and Mulroney and their parties suffer at the polls.

    A similar fate awaits Harper if he doesn’t change his basic suspicion and hatred of reporters and news commentators.

    Right now, the prime minister urgently needs better media relations if he wants to survive minority status and go on to better things in the future."


    That mob mentality from the media still exists today,
    proving `we can make you or break you Harper` is their motivation,
    and no journalistic integrity is going to come between the msm or press gallery and their mission.

    One thing the media forget tho,
    Canadians are not stupid.

  4. Yah, NNW collects the Harper-hater articles.
    I doubt the gang at NNW has to even work at it,
    the crap is in their inbox every morning, likely the pointy shoes in the OLO see to that.

    But even having their own aggregator hasn`t helped the Liberals.

  5. "One thing the media forget tho,
    Canadians are not stupid"

    And they are becoming more and more, Internet savvy.
    Pre 2006,Zolf may have been on to something but now? Not a chance. It's the CBC that can be made or broken by Canadians and if he doesn't believe that citizens that have had enough, REVOLT, look no further than the Middle East.

    The CBC speaks for almost no one now. They are irrelevant!

  6. It's amazing that there are not libel suits flying around. The information is all right in front of me, has been for weeks and still we have a woman being bullied by the media. Sue them into the poorhouse!!!

  7. Things were somewhat different when Liberals formed the government. Yesterday I heard a couple of times on MSM news, that Ms. Oda would be the first Canadain cabinet minister to be found to be in contempt of parliament. A search of parl.gc.ca brings up this ruling by the speaker Mar 2001, concerning Justice Minister, Anne McLellan:

    "The Speaker ruled that this constituted a prima facie contempt of the House and invited Mr. Toews to move a motion. Mr. Toews moved to refer the matter to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs for further study. The motion was adopted and accordingly, the matter was referred to committee”

    In this case the matter was resolved at the committee stage, and Ms McLellan was not technically found in contempt. Obviously, since the Liberals enjoyed a majority, one of its cabinet ministers was not going to suffer the indignity. The only time a minister would be in such danger would be in a minority situation like today. It would be helpful if someone in the MSM would point out this simple fact.

  8. The CBC speaks for almost no one now.

    They certainly don't speak for me that's for sure.

  9. the media warned him,(Harper)
    we made you we can break you.

    No you didn't nor would you break him (Harper)

    In fact Larry, the liberals made you and they can break you.
    Meaning they treat you like dirt and you better respond to them with respect.

    We the people abused used manipulated by CBC for many years will break you for SUNTV.
    CBC is its own cause to its own demise.

  10. After reviewing all the transcripts,
    our favourite Liberal blogger has this finds:

    '...President Biggs acknowledges that she knew in advance of her signature on the decision note that the Minister was not going to approve the project, yet decision notes did not, at that time, have a place for the Minister to disagree...'


  11. Weston made a very troubling statement, I too think that should be investigated. "...Good for us", does that mean he's admitting the media and the senior public servants are a team?

  12. Liz,
    Good for us", does that mean he's admitting the media and the senior public servants are a team?

    Probably are working together.
    Why the sudden releases of leaks against the Conservative party?

    BTW. Will Weston and gang at CBC, be welcoming an interview with CBC'S own PAUL MARTIN'S friend QADDAFI?
    Will Mansbridge do an 'one and one' interview with QADDAFI?

    Here's a ducey which we should ponder:
    Will the CBC CTV G/M T/S etc, sooner support QADDAFI than PMSH?
    My answer-100%- their boss Paul Martin did.

  13. Here's a ducey which we should ponder:
    Will the CBC CTV G/M T/S etc, sooner support QADDAFI than PMSH?
    My answer-100%- their boss Paul Martin did.

    That's a frightening thought! I wouldn't put it passed them.


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