Friday, February 4, 2011

Don and Chantal Lookin for An Election?

Don Broaaa....dcast Newman and Chantal Hebert to me seem to want an election. Don Newman in his dreamworld thinks that PM Harper's trip to Washington today is a sure sign of a pending election. and he sites previous PMs as a reference. 
So, brace yourself for those photos of Stephen Harper at the White House with Barack Obama. And while we're at it, somebody better get the ballot boxes ready too.
What? That's kinda scrapping at the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. 

Chantal seems to think there needs to be an election because Parliament has nothing  to talk about.
The 40th Parliament is all talked out.
Uh? Excuse me, Chantal, that's a poor excuse to go to the polls,  there is plenty to talk about.  How the criminal justice system, the immigration and refugee system,are just two examples of what the government wants to talk about.  Canadians want something done on those two issues like yesterday. We are sick and tired of the lax justice system where criminals get off easy and sick and tired of so called refugees and human smugglers taking advantage of us re-the ships from Sri Lanka for instance in which the government is trying to address.  Even though chugging along with 69,200 jobs created in January, there is still plenty of work to do on the economy as well. We aren't totally out of the woods yet.  So no, this parliament is not talked out. Maybe it's Chantal who can't find anything to talk about.

There is no pressing issue to go into an expensive election right now so why?  It would be just plain opportunism for any political party at this juncture to trigger one. So why is the media pushing for one?  Is it to boost sales?  Is it to try and get rid of the evil Harper government and install their beloved Liberals or coalition in?  I don't know but it does seem that it is the media who want the election more so than the politicians. Liberal's have indicated they will vote against the budget,who knows what they'll do when it actually comes time to vote, they flip flop so much and it looks like Jack Layton and the NDP are looking for  away to avoid an election
So who knows? I could be wrong but I think Don and Chantal could end up being disappointed in the end.


  1. "Is it to boost sales?"

    Election fever gets more people involved and interested which brings more viewers to politainment shows and readers to news magazines and newspapers. More viewers means more money for advertising and more money for advertising means job-justification.
    It's the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.

  2. To play devil's advocate for a moment...

    Having no pressing issue is the precise time to have an election if you are the governing party.

  3. Chantal thinks there needs to be an election because the MEDIA has nothing to talk about.

    So where's the logic in 'no point making any deals with 'out-going' premiers'?
    Ummm, have a $300million election just to kill time?

    Siting BC, Ab and Ontario, Chantel writes
    "...There is little point in engaging a dialogue let alone formal negotiations with partners who stand to be ejected from their seats within the next six months to a year ..."

  4. I predict the next federal election will have a higher voter turnout than the last (59%).

    We can thank the coalition for this. The Coalition has awoken the sleeping giant of the Canadian electorate and the Coalition will get womped for it.

  5. The Coalition has awoken the sleeping giant of the Canadian electorate and the Coalition will get womped for it.

    I believe you're right,Rick.


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