Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will We or Won't We?

Are Canadian voters going to the polls this spring?  Well maybe not so fast. According to Jane Taber it seems speculation has simmered down, anyway at least amongst  a few of MPs. I agree Liberal MP Glen Pearson.
He noted that the election speculation was “prepped by the media for the last few weeks as various pundits continued to ramp up some kind of ballot showdown.”
It's been hyped by the media ever since Iffy in his Christmas interviews was threatening to trigger a spring election   to  get rid of  the evil Harper government..  With nothing else to report on, the media took and ran with it. The CPC and LPC ads and the tours of the coalition leaders last month has just added to the hype.

Finance Minister Flaherty indicated yesterday that there would be help for low income seniors. That was something  Jack Layton was asking for in the budget in order to get NDP support.  Will it be enough? That's for Jack and the Dippers to decide.

Besides 64%Canadians see no need for a spring election.  So are we going to the polls or not?  My guess is as good as yours.  I tend to agree with the PM, it's  a 50/50 chance We'll probably  not really know until the budget vote takes place. Until then the speculation will keep swirling.


  1. It appears that the deficit could be as much as $9billion smaller than predicted.
    (poor Iffy, didn't have to jump the Dipper shark of no corp tax cuts, too late, you did it Iffy)

    That's enough to cover off the lions share of all the Opps demands combined.

    How could the Dippers/Bloc/LPC allow that to happen and accept 'no new big spending plans'?

    The Dippers can pretend they are responsible for squeezing out money for seniors and pensions,
    but the Harper government has been working on these issues for some time,
    so Jack is taking advantage of the govt efforts, and calling them him 'demands'.

    silly games

  2. silly games

    Silly games indeed.

  3. No election until Iggy gets his pension!

  4. No election until Iggy gets his pension!

    You're probably right,hunter.

  5. And when he does get his pension a lot of his cacus will also get theirs. I think some of then know this and will not defeat the budget.


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