Friday, February 25, 2011

OK, Here We Go Again!

Elections Canada continues it's vendetta against the Conservative party.
OTTAWA - Two Conservative senators are facing charges under the Elections Canada Act over a controversy dating back to the 2006 election.
Senators Doug Finley and Irving Gerstein, along with two former party officials, are facing administrative charges laid earlier this week by Elections Canada.
The charges are not criminal and would likely only result in fines of up to $1,000 if they are convicted.
Elections Canada and the Conservatives have long fought over whether election ads, bought by the Conservatives for local candidates in the 2006 campaign, violated the law. Elections Canada maintains that although the ads were paid for by local candidates, the ads were really national ads and should be charged against the Conservative Party's national spending limit.
If that were done the Conservatives would have spent more in 2006 than the law allows.
The party won a court case against Elections Canada in January 2010 when Justice Luc Martineau called the Conservative elections expenses legal.
They lost the court case! So why are they doing this and why now?  Other parties did the same thing, why is EC not going after them?  What about Liberal leadership debts?  Why has EC has granted  them extension after extension when they shouldn't have?   Meantime, it's our money EC is spending on this vendetta.   EC has appealed and that appeal is still before the court. Can't they at least wait until the appeal process has ended?
Seems like double standards here by EC.   Liberals get free ride, Conservatives have the hammer coming down on them.  It almost appears that the so called "non-partisan" Elections Canada is indeed partisan. Here is  good reason to grant PM Harper and the Conservatives a majority, to clean house in every faction of the snivel service including Elections Canada.  Just by continuing on this witch hunt, Elections will have shred completely any credibility they've had.
EC, you lost, give it up!

BTW. Is there any way one could find out how much taxpayer money EC has spent on this?  Are they under the Access to Information Act? 


  1. I read somewhere they have been sitting on this, maybe waiting for just the right time, hmmmm.

  2. I am sure Elections Canada is like the CBC....they are ABOVE any investigations. They spend their time working for the Liberals complaining about expenses of anyone not Liberal, they themselves are excluded from any access to information.


    Why do you think they EL have not gone after the few liberals who have not paid back their loans.

    'ELECTIONS CANADA' in my opinion does not exist- the name itself is high-jacked and renamed to suit the LIBERALS.

    Look at HRC- that is strictly for the complaints of progressives against simple people who do not share HRC/Progressives' values.

    When this EC(L) and HRC alienate from the general public as a whole.
    They fall prey to those who use canadian soil to do with as pleases.

  4. I read somewhere they have been sitting on this, maybe waiting for just the right time, hmmmm.

    Timing is all suspect just like the Oda non-scandal.

  5. Liberals calling out another favour from elections canada.
    Elections canada has lost all credibility.

  6. Should the Conservatives win a majority I hope the thugs running Elections Canada have their resumes ready.

  7. From all the years the Liberals have held power in Canada, it is no surprise to find that they have burrowed themselves in all corners of the Civil Service below the level of Minister's Departments.

  8. I read recently that Elections Canada has so far spent over $84,000 taxpayer dollars in legal fees and appeals trying to trip up the Conservatives. And don't forget when the Conservatives DID want to reimburse Elections Canada (I think it was re the GST), Elections Canada wouldn't let them. They have no credibility anymore.

  9. What about Adscam? Elections Canada has found nothing to investigate regarding the largest political fraud in Canadian history.


  10. Now that the COALITION is alive and well and are part of the liberals and lets say, either NDP or the Bloc own EC money on loans.
    Do you think EC will go after them and not the liberals?
    Do you think that the NDP and the Bloc will be taken to court for repaying their loans and not the liberals.

    Something stinks in that EC compound and I smell billions of our money stuck away there for 'safe-keeping' for the liberals.

  11. Something stinks in that EC compound and I smell billions of our money stuck away there for 'safe-keeping' for the liberals.

    Something stinks alright and it reeks. Elections Canada is a corrupt entity and it needs to be purged. They're wasting who knows how much of our money on a case THEY LOST! I just can't get over the timing of all this, it's too obvious. Liberals and their minions are desperate and it shows.

  12. Your are correct This whole thing reeks,just as the msm. The dirt is falling all around them.

    EC/ELib would sooner take you on frmgrl than the LPOC.
    Remember to PRAY for the safety of our country and all countries battling for 'freedom' and for the PM.


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