Monday, February 28, 2011

Why A Conservative Majority Government Is Needed

John Ibbitson has written a great column and in a common sense way lays out why a Conservative majority government would be a good thing  and why the public shouldn't fear one. 

Conservatives have 143 seats right now in the Commons and would need only 12 to obtain a majority. Providing they keep their current seats in which I'm sure they will.

 At the same time Canadians aren't buying what Iffy's selling.and I doubt whether they'll ever buy anything he's he's trying to peddle. They just don't like or trust him. Pre-writ polling history sure doesn't seem to be on Iffy's side so he'll have a steep hill to climb for Libs to have any chance. The next election is PM Stephen Harper's to lose.

There are many issues that requires a majority  that need to be dealt with. In minority government, there's too much partisanship,acrimony and games playing. Liberals are angry and frustrated. A recent example of the anger, is the outrageous  Jihadis comment from Bob Rae.  Tim Powers explains what's going on,
His comments also speak to an attitude of moral superiority still found in within the Liberal Party’s senior ranks. Many Grits still feel wronged that the public has not come to their senses and put them back in their rightful position as our nation's governors. This place called Canada is their burden and they will do as they see fit.
Liberals still haven't learned anything from their loss in 2006.   That there is a perfect reason for a Conservative majority. Liberals have to learn their lesson They're still the arrogant entitled party and need a lot of work to do before voters can take them seriously again.  They will do anything to get back into power even if it means banding together with the Dippers and the Bloc in an unholy alliance.  We  can't allow that to happen because it would mean disaster for our country.

There's a lot of uncertainty going on in the world right now from the crisis in the Middle East to the dire financial straits in the United States and Europe etc. If you don't think that any of that affects us, think again.  Another problem that is about to hit the wall  as each day goes by and that is pensions and health care. They are what you call unfunded liabilities and as the population ages we need to find a way to pay for them if we still want those programs.   A Conservative majority government is the only option to deal with these issues and keep Canada on as even keel as possible.

To quote John Ibbitson, "The truth is, ideology aside, Canada could use a dose of majority government right now."  So lets all buckle down,get to work and make it happen.
It is in the best interest of the country.
This new CPC ad signifies that we are in good hands and that we need to continue with this PM and  Conservative government next time though with a majority.


  1. I will keep this short and to the point, if the conservative win a majority.

    1. Goodbye seniors pensions.

    2. Goodbye health care.

    3. Goodbye Quebec,Canada and the confederation.

    4. Hello the 52 - 62 states of the union.

    Now you can cheap shot me all you like, but well you do it watch what happens.

  2. THE OLD FELLOW said...

    Have you ever thought what would happen to this country if the coalition of the losers ever got their grip on power? Wouldn't be good that's for sure. They'd spend more, allow more criminals to roam the streets, allow every Joe into the country regardless of who they are. They would deplete the military of what they need. Quebec would more or less be in charge and more and more of your money would be funneled into La Belle province in order for
    the coalition partners stay in power.

  3. frmgrl

    Where you or are you in the military, have you ever lived in Quebec or for that that manner out of your province, have you ever gone hungary, have ever lived under a dictatorship.

    I was born and raised in Canada and have done all the above and what I see speaking from experince more of the same under Harper conservatives.

    He does not represent the conservative I have voted for.

  4. Old Fellow, where do you get the idea that seniors pensions would be stopped, or the other crap you type.
    Layton just said in QP that Kairos funding should be restored, that is 7 million of your tax dollars going to salaries and wages for some people that think they are doing good by going to meetings, or protesting in the streets.
    A coalition would also pay the blocmail, another 8 million dollars of your money.
    We need a conservative majority if for no other reason than to give the liberals time to rebuild. It is not just their leader that has to go, but every lib mp who has been there and supported all the theft re sponsorship, adscam, and so many other wrongs. They are the main problem and they refuse to accept that they should all resign to make room for new, honest liberal mps.

  5. @Old Fellow...have some sense..nothing but leftist fear mongering... as usual.

  6. Old Fellow -- This message is from an Old Gal who, yes, collects a CPP pension and OAS. What absolute nonsense and fear mongering you are spouting. And, yes, I have lived in Quebec. But, if they want to leave, so be it. Moreover, we need to revise the current health care system because it is unsustainable. We need a European model of a combined public/private system.

    But, what bothered me about your comment is your arrogance is that your perception and interpretation is better than anyone else. '

    Sorry. Not so.

  7. I totally agree with your headline. We absolutely need a majority conservative government. The only problem is finding one to vote for in Canada. As I have said many times in the past "We do not have a conservative option in Canada.". What we do have is a CINO bunch that are marginally if that much to the right of the Liberals and to me that is not an option but a shame.


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