Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can You Believe The LIberal Leader?

The coalition of the losers that is.  Yeah Michael Ignatieff has finally come out and ruled out a coalition but so did the previous leader, Stephan Dion.  Then you know what happened after that election.  Boom, we had the coalition of the losers trying to overthrow a duly elected government just weeks after the election in 2008.

How can you believe Mr. Ignatieff? He's flipped flopped so many times on so many other issues. He has little credibility anymore.

It's like PM Harper says "The did it before, they'll do it again." 

By the way, the accord they signed in 2008, it's still in effect.

Another thing, how can the Bloc get in bed with the Liberals after Adscam?  I thought Quebecers  were outraged at that.  After it all took place in Quebec. Go figure!   I guess maybe the Bloc will get into bed with anyone who will meet their bloc mail demands. By the way, Liberals still haven't paid back that $40 million they stole from us yet.

The best way to prevent that unholy alliance from trying to steal power again is to elect  a Conservative majority government because they will try.  Mark my words!


  1. If they try it again like they did last time the Canadian public will be just as outraged and they will back down. If it didn't work last time I don't know why they would think it would be tolerated this time.

  2. If it didn't work last time I don't know why they would think it would be tolerated this time.

    I don't know why either. That's what flabbergasts me. I guess maybe they think that it's been enough time that Canadians would maybe be a little warmer to the idea,I don't know but that's the only thing I can think of.

  3. I don't believe the coalition and National Press Gallery care if the Canadian people are outraged. It is all about the coalition not the well being of Canada.

  4. Fay said...

    I agree with you. The heck with Canada,as long as the coalition gets power. It's sick and pathetic!

  5. SK Reality CheckMarch 27, 2011 11:32 AM

    Fay is bang on, these shills could care less for the country, they just want their old boys back in power. The media grasping of at straws is only going to get worse as the campaign goes on.

  6. To assume that Communists and Socialists care one whit for the will of the people, is foolish. It's all about Ideology my friend, the ends justify any means. Make no mistake about who Mini-Marx Layton and the Commie wanna-be Bloc represent, they represent the failed ideology of Communism, pure and simple.

    As far as trusting a've gotta be kidding. Iggy and the rest of the Coalition of Losers lie like rugs.

  7. You know, this is something that just boggles my mind.

    The bloody Liberals stole from taxpayers. You, me, your neighbor, whoever... They stole money from us. Those same people are still in the party and they want us to trust them????

    Adscam inquiry and someone broke the news that the Lib. Gov't had a number of secret funding "foundations" formed by Chretien, or government under his watch. These foundations were untouchable and contained billions, under the control of Liberal bureaucrats. Now who would advocate for criminality other than someone who was complicit?

  8. Iggy can blame it on Bobby and gang. I guess if conservatives don't win a majority but get closer, then there may still be wiggle room for a coalition to prevent conservatives coming to power. The scruples of the public can only prevent such a scam from happening. (real conservative)


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