Sunday, March 27, 2011

David McGuinty Spills the Beans

One of Michael Ignatieff's soldiers tells us what they really have planned. Watch this. It's all right here for ya in his own words.


  1. Good work Farmgirl!

    Just doing my part,Fay!

  2. thats not spilling the beans on the plan...thats how the parliamentary system functions. take a damn civics class and figure out how government works. keep in mind harper tried to form a coalition with ndp and bloc in 2004.

  3. Well annoy, all he had to say was....NO; but he didn't ...instead he went into this explanation about the responsibility of the GG. Sorry, but in my book, his refusal to say "no" confirms what I believe..that that Coalition document set to expire in June is still in play. Anyone who say it isn't is just naive.

    Oh and about the2004 letter..why don't you listen to two of your Coalirion partners who a dame toy stated "no coalition" and "b*llsh*t".

    Nice try though!

  4. Hello anon, quit spewing lies. Even in Britain the coalition INCLUDES the party with the most seats. Secondly, no coalition agreement was signed by the Conservatives/NDP/Bloc in 2004.

    In 2008, a formal agreement was signed giving the NDP Ministers in the house. Every Liberal/NDP/Bloc MP signed the agreement. That is a coalition, not a letter to the GG.

    You are the one who needs to take a civics course...oh never mind, you are already indoctrinated by your fluffy lefty university. Grow a brain, then learn how to use it!

  5. Nice work, ill be a posting a link to this everywhere I can. The media is really trying to hush this Coalition talk down, saying it's an irrelevant issue. Im glad bloggers are keeping this issue front and centre, this Coalition is nothing more than blatant theft of a Nation, disguised in their so called "Democracy" package. Keep up the good work farmgirl!!

  6. Nice work, ill be a posting a link to this everywhere I can.

    Thanks,it really needs to get out there. Voters NEED to know.

  7. What I keep wondering is if these bozos are willing to put their own election on the line. If they really believe that a coalition of losers is legitimate, then, if numbers warrant, they should be quite happy to cede their seats to a coalition of losers in their own ridings. After all, isn't that what they would refer to as "democracy"?

  8. Ya found it! I think Joanne was looking for this Nice job!

  9. Clearly, both Gilles and Jack did NOT think the letter to the GG in 2004 was a coalition. Paul Martin wanted to call another election just 3 months later and was abrogating his party's responsibility to govern. THAT is why Harper approached the GG. Here is Duceppe's flip-flop between 2004 and2011.
    Layton & Duceppe have both changed their tune at present in order to discredit the Conservatives.

    It is as clear as the air I breathe that the Opposition want a Conservative minority. It is clear from the polls that they know they cannot win (the Liberals have polled lower consistently than when Dion was P.M.

    So all the "scandals" and the focus on "contempt" is "prep" work for after the election. Then at the Throne Speech, or at the next non-confidence vote, the Opposition will bring down the Tory gov't and try, once again within a few months, going to the GG with their "coalition". The GG will most likely grant it so soon after an election. Again, this is legal in our constitution, but I wouldn't regard it as moral.

    The Opposition is highly motivated because if they don't, they will lose their $2.00 per vote subsidy and more seats in the Senate. At least they can agree on these issues.

    I notice that no-one in the MSM is asking the tough questions. Like, "what made you (the Opp parties) provoke an election when your poll numbers are down and have been consistently for many months"? It doesn't make sense. Of course, the Opp will insist that Harper wanted the election -- but that makes even less sense, since the Conservatives are now in power.

    Give the Conservatives a 4 year mandate and vote for a MAJORITY. Your McGuinty clip just supports what we all know anyway.

  10. Here is the link with Jack's flip flop on the 2004 "letter" and the 2008 "coalition". Can't have it both ways, Jack.

  11. Oops, forgot the link!


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