Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coalition Wiggle Room

Ezra Levant says that even if Michael Ignatieff if loses the election he can still seize power. All Ignatieff needs to do is take a page from the 1985 Ontario election.
 Asking Michael Ignatieff if he’s going to form a coalition with the NDP and Bloc is the wrong question.
Because even if Ignatieff loses the election (as early polls suggest), he doesn’t need a coalition to seize power. He can do what the Liberals and NDP did immediately after the 1985 provincial election in Ontario: Just grab power with an immediate non-confidence vote. No coalition needed, to hell with the voters.
The 1985 Ontario election was won by the Conservatives. They won more seats than any other party — but they still had a minority. Instead of accepting that result, Bob Rae, then leader of the NDP, phoned up David Peterson, the Liberal leader, and made a deal to grab power.
They didn’t make a formal coalition. A coalition is a specific deal where cabinet seats are divided up and more than one party becomes an integral part of the government.
The Liberals and NDP just agreed that, as soon as Ontario’s legislature met, they’d join forces to vote non-confidence in the Conservatives and propose the Liberals should rule with the NDP’s support.
Being lawyers, they called it an accord, not a coalition. But it was a deal. The Liberals promised to implement a series of NDP policies. And in return, the NDP agreed to sink the Conservatives, and keep the Liberals in power for two years.
So there you have it. The question that should be asked of Ignatieff is whether he would do what the Liberals and the NDP did in Ontario in 1985 by agreeing to an accord like Bob Rae and David Peterson did

Remember this too regarding the coalition between the Libs/Dippers/Bloc,it would exclude everyone from the winning party  which would be the Conservatives. Since most of the Conservative seats come from the west, the west would be shut out.  Can you say western separation anyone?

Update: H/T Kate at SDA,  Why Michael Ignatieff Won't Form A Coalition


  1. Norman Ouston in Armstrong BCMarch 29, 2011 9:19 AM

    This is just too scarey.

    We must win a majority.

    Can you imagine the damage if NDP got their hands on a money portfolio.

    Or that frenchie handling a military situation.

  2. I agree Norman,we must win a majority. That's why we have to work hard and do everything possible to achieve that.

  3. This is what I have been saying, but with the bloc involved the GG I think would take Harper's advice and demand another election, especially as it would be obvious to all Canadians. Don't forget the signed document of 2008 is still in effect it expires June 2011.

  4. Canada is a country of two main regions, there might be three. We have the Maritimes on the East coast. We have Central Canada - Ontario and Quebec. We have the Western Provinces.

    If the “Coalition of Losers” decides to do as they suggest, why not divide Canada. We have North and South Korea; East and West Pakistan; and why not East and West Canada? Anything from the Western part of Canada is evil to Ontario and Quebec – except for the transfer payments [of which 90% go to Quebec - who hate Alberta’s “dirty oil.”]

    Western separation would be strong if the LIEberals, Black-mail Party and the Non-Democratic Party decided they could do this; take over of a freshly voted in party? If the “coalition of Losers” decided to do that, then the foreign investors would pull out of Canada knowing they would immediately pay more taxes and Canada’s economic position would fall as fast as Spain. Does the “Coalition of Losers” only look at their small part of the world and not see what they are actually doing to Canada?

    The worst part is, the Maritimes is just starting to get out of their problems because of off-shore oil. They would be forced to stay with Central Canada, sad – very sad. I do not think there would be an exodus to Central Canada, rather from Central Canada to the West.

    The above is only speculation, yet I fear that Western Canada would not accept the “Coalition of Losers” to rule over them. In the past the motto was; “We do not want out, we ant in.” I am sure if it were not for the Reform Party, separatists’ would have succeeded. This time it might be a different story and the dismantle of a great country. It is up to the voters in Central Canada to decide what kind of country they want: a whole Canada or separate Canada.

    Now be sure to vote.

    Clown Party.

    PS I think I will post this on other blogs also.


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