Monday, March 21, 2011

No Real Pressing Reason to Go to The Polls

 Libluvin' Globe and Mail journalist Jeffery Simpson, scratching his head  thinking that  there isn't any pressing reason to go to the polls this spring.  He even concedes there is NO MAJOR SCANDAL !!!  You hear that opposition coalition? NO MAJOR SCANDAL!!!
Is Parliament more dysfunctional than usual? Is there an economic, political or social crisis? Is there a major scandal? Is there a big defining issue in front of the country? In short, are there objective reasons why it could be argued that Canada needs an election 2½ years after the last one?
The answer to all of these questions is obviously no.
He goes on to point out that only the Conservatives and the Bloc will benefit and doesn't understand what the  Liberals and the NDP are thinking.
Just why the Liberals and NDP apparently want an election is less explicable.
Even with all the controversy surrounding the Conservative government's "so called ethical problems," they are still the most trusted to deliver honest government and nothing has really changed in the latest Nanos poll.

So if the coalition gangs up and brings this current government down, they will do so at their own peril. To that I say then bring it on so that we can elect a Conservative majority  government and stop this whole nonsensical shenanigans that the coalition have been engaged in ever since the Christmas break so that real work can get done for real Canadians.  


  1. Hmmm ... others have speculated that forcing an election which Iggy loses , is perhaps the only way the Liberals can get rid of Iggy.

    If that is what is motivating the Liberals ... how nice ... force the Canadian taxpayers to pat ~$300 million to get rid of their leader ... this is truly the mother of all entitlements !!!

  2. Hmmm ... others have speculated that forcing an election which Iggy loses , is perhaps the only way the Liberals can get rid of Iggy.

    That's what bugs me the most is that the taxpayer has to fork out $300-$400 million just for the Libs to get rid of their leader. But on the other hand if the Conservatives can get a majority out of it well then lets go. Other than that, I do not want an election.

  3. Damage control 101 for Harper:
    1. Push down all other scandals, hold a news conference and throw each one away... except for the hooker deal.
    2. Tell the public that the hooker deal will be fully investigated for wrong doing and that it did not touch the PMO as the media suggests. Don't run from it, in fact embrace it. Turn it into positive PR.
    3. Begin attack on Iggy's person: in order to win, conservatives must smash him.
    4. Be nice to the NDP and the Block, because they can always be useful.
    5. Dig, dig, and dig for dirt on the Liberals.
    6. Let the media know that being on the outs with the government can be bad for business.
    (real conservative)

  4. We have seen the opposition attack the cpc on the deficit with their media in toe

    Can you imagine the conversation between the msm and
    coalition in government running the country.

    The media will be elated that their beloved coalition parties are going to raise taxes; implement moratoriums on incoming tankards.
    The MSM so overjoy that not only moratoriums will be implemented as well taxes will be increased, but the major economy to FUNDING canada, the oilsands will be stopped completely.
    No more lower taxes no nothing; if the deficits rises beyond the conservatives 38billion dollars not a problem.
    We stand with you our beloved coalition but, remember us media always. we have stood by you; fought for you by manipulating and lying to the public to keep them ignorant to your coalition's intentions.We will continue promoting you but you must give us the media, money to keep going."

    frmgrl, it is long story, but what I wrote is the very impression I get from the media: 'they hate PMSH and conservatives' to say negative and evil things about them, in order to promote the most corrupt in canadian history(liberals)
    marxist uninist Duceppe and BLOC, and Socialist NDP.

  5. take a look at CanadianSense chart on the conservatives' deficit from 56B to 29B.

    Not a peep from the msm. sad!


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