Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Election We Go

It seems inevitable now, we will be off to an election with a matter of days.  The coalition of losers just can't support a budget the seems pretty reasonable to me. Oh well I guess it's up to them.

  Going into an election Conservatives have the advantage.  Polls are looking pretty good, the war chest is in good shape, a weak opposition, a seasoned strong campaigner in PM Stephen Harper and a solid record of accomplishments.

The outcome of the campaign will be either a Conservative majority or a Coalition of the losers.  Can we win a majority?  Yes I believe we can but on the other hand we can't take anything  for granted.  It 's going to take hard work and determination in the ground war to succeed.

If you want a Conservative majority, do whatever you can to help. Donate, volunteer, etc.I know I will be posting as often as I can and I will be donating as well.  I will also be praying for our candidates, volunteers, war room staffers, our leader and those faithfully commit to our blogs.  Praying for strength, stamina, and ultimately a majority government because I have a feeling this campaign will a long very,very nasty one.  The coalition and their media will try to throw everything including the kitchen sink  at Conservatives in order to either hold us to a minority or to win. 

So let's roll up our sleeves friends and get to work.

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