Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sign of Impending Coalition?

The NDP candidate in London just dropped out of the race and puts his support behind the Liberal candidate.  Coaltion at work?  You decide.
An NDP candidate in London has surprised everyone, including his own party, by withdrawing from the election race and throwing his support behind a Liberal rival.
Ryan Dolby, who was running in Elgin-Middlesex-London, made the sudden announcement through a news release emailed to the media, party officials and others Wednesday morning.
"I am worried if Stephen Harper gets a majority. I made a strategic decision," Dolby said.
He was running against Liberal Graham Warwick and Conservative Joe Preston, who held the seat before the election.
Asked if he had warned NDP officials either locally or nationally, Dolby said he thought it would be best to let everyone know at the same time.


  1. And so it starts.....

    One drop out.....



  2. Beautiful I love it - I hope that the NDP+Liberal vote total from the last election is easy to overcome for Joe Preston. Hopefully with the "coalition in action" live for constituents to see - this will move undecideds to select a known versus a mystery.

  3. The one thing NDP's despise more than Stephen Harper is missing out on free cash. All those lost vote means thousands of dollars not going to the NDP. They'll have to find another candidate. Besides ,they already paid for all those orange flyers and posters.

  4. Very strategic reasoning - if you have fewer MP's are the NDP stronger or weaker in the Coalition? Too funny. The only good new for NDP headquarters - they can spend more money in another riding. Cheers.

  5. Yeah, by dropping candidates you potentially lose out on about $20,000. I can't see NDP wanting to take that hit too many times. Of course, if they think a Harper majority will kill their subsidy, then maybe it's the better of two evils?

  6. Dolby afraid of the PM and majority to be so stupid to energize himself with the most corrupt party in canadian history?

    Question to Dolby, since you are now a liberal, please as for the millions of dollars the liberals stole and refuse to return. Your own constituents deserve that answer"

    Coalition is still very much alive remember,their coalition agreement doesn't expire until June 2011.
    Duceppe didn't sign for nothing which means whether the PM returns with a minority or a majority, Duceppe will still demand his fair share of the bargain and the liberals will have to give it to him period.

    BTW frmgrl, when it the famous book on 'how the liberals?

  7. BTW frmgrl, when it the famous book on 'how the liberals?

    You mean the book about Adscam? I honestly don't know.

  8. Canadians are not surprised. It is time for the National press Gallery to print the truth about the coalition.

  9. It is time for the National press Gallery to print the truth about the coalition.


  10. Considering the Tories picked up the support of Liberal candidate Tony Genco in Vaughan, this may be more a case of the Liberals moving to the left or perceived to be. Lets remember, there have been many NDP voters in the past three elections who voter Liberal simply to keep the Tories out so nothing new. After all Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh are both former Dippers so I don't see how this proves a coalition anymore than a Liberal defecting to the Tories would indicate the Liberals and Conservatives plan to have a coalition.

  11. What if the Bloc elect more members in Que than the liberals do in all of Canada, coalition with PM Duceppe. Stop the bloc, vote conservative.
    The Bloc will not be on our ballot but it the elephant in the room.

  12. maryT said...

    Good point. Scary thought of PM Duceppe.

  13. Dolby must have misread the coalition memo,
    he was supposed to drop out and support the Lib MP on week 5, not day 5!
    That is move is supposed to make it look like Iffy has momentum...

    Didn't a couple of Green MPs do that last election?

    Duceppe has already tossed his Bloc MPs into the coalition,
    Jack will support Iffy because he has to, it's in the 2008 coalition of losers declaration to seize govt in effect until June 2011.

    Iffy doesn't even have to win extra seats, in fact he can lose 8 seats, because
    Gilles and the seppies have picked the govt THEY want, before a vote has been cast.


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