Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's Campaign Promises

You got the Count with the deja vu Liberal universal daycare redux  reduced (for now).  In other words more big nanny state taking money from you to pay for others childrens daycare.  No doubt with this expensive unionized bureaucracy your children and grand children will be taught how to be good little liberals.

Next you have Jack Layton declaring war on the Alberta oilsands.  Good job  Jack, you just increased Linda Duncan's re-election chances.(not).  That'll do wonders for our recovery.

On the other hand.a re-elected Conservative government will continue and finish free trade agreements with the EU and India within the next couple of years. and make the Halifax Harbour an international trading hub
That's a common sense approach to expanding our economy which we need.

It's obvious who has the most common sense program that will enhance and improve our country.  You have a choice. Do you want a coalition of the losers who will take your money to spend on  bigger nanny state programs in that will go mostly to Quebec, (Greece anyone) or do you want a stable, prudent government that will seek to make sure our economic recovery goes forward and that we continue to be the envy of the world.

The only choice is in in this election my opinion is a Conservative majority government that will be a stable prudent government who get things done and we wouldn't have to go to the polls for four years. That is a plus.  The other choice,a coalition of the losers which would give us instability, spend us into oblivion. It would be chaotic and never get anything done expect what is good for Quebec and. we'd probably be back to the polls in another eighteen months or so anyway. What do you choose?


  1. I heard somewhere that the guy who costed out Iggy's National Daycare program is the same guy who costed out the Long Gun Registry. If thats the case, more money funnelled to Liberal crony's.

  2. I heard somewhere that the guy who costed out Iggy's National Daycare program is the same guy who costed out the Long Gun Registry.

    Oh,great! How do you spell boondoggle?

  3. Kelly McParland: Liberal ‘pension plan’ is a government-run RRSP

    Iffy says privately run RRSPs are too risky, wants a Crown Corp to take over.

    That will be a real winner eh, your tax dollars go to some rich guy's government run RRSP portfolio manager!

  4. Just remember, a vote for the libs or ndp is a vote for the Bloc. A vote for the Bloc means bankrupting Canada. Some have called this a referendum election, do we want Que to rule us or a stable govt run by PMSH.

  5. maryT said...

    That is really something to think about.


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