Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tough Guy Eh?

Well Lawrence Martin, Liberal cheerleader, muses  today about the Iffy Waffle's "vision" and "toughness."  Martin compares Iffy with John Kerry and Michael Dukakis. Of course Iffy out right rejects that presumption.
Openness, democratic reform, equality of opportunity. In the Ignatieff view, it’s bold stuff. Others, pollsters included, don’t find it striking enough to change an image that needs changing.
When I raised the comparison with the Americans, he jumped in. “I’m not John Kerry. I’m not Michael Dukakis. I’m prepared to fight. The idea that I’m going to go through an election campaign as some kind of Boy Scout is a serious underestimation of who you are looking at.”
He said it with some anger. It was a good sign.
 Oh,yeah, he's such a tough cookie isn't he?  Remember these fighting words?
"If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done," Ignatieff said Saturday.
Or these?
"After four years of drift, four years of denial, four years of division and discord -- Mr. Harper, your time is up."
He always makes these pronouncements then backs down. Iffy's waffled so many times he's lost his credibility.  Is it any wonder voters would choose "none of the above"  over the Iffy Waffle?


  1. Will the party survive if the CPC gain a majority and remove the party welfare?

    Why have senior Liberals refused to step up and throw their hat in the race to help?

  2. "Anything" that has two legs and votes liberal - Lawrence Martin can find someway of saying, they are the best thing since sliced bread and that even includes the "waffle". This is a man who spent his whole working life in another County and the liberals who are suppose to be the "natual ruling party of our Country" thought he could come back here and tell us as Canadians what we should be thinking! The only reason I can imagine them doing that - they just thought they didn't have anyone here in Canada smart enough or intelligent enough to lead their party - that says it all in a nutshell....

  3. I for one am profundly grateful for Mr Ignatieff.
    He is the gift to the Conservatives that just keeps on giving.
    Cheers Bubba

  4. I for one am profundly grateful for Mr Ignatieff.
    He is the gift to the Conservatives that just keeps on giving.

    Yes and long may he be Liberal leader!


    O/T here is a video regarding to our oil.

    Opportunities in Oil Outside of the Middle East Fri, 25 Feb 2011

    Enerplus CEO Gordon Kerr on the success of the


    Tim Hortons COO on Commodity Costs, Mideast Expansion Wed, 23 Feb 2011

    OK from dollars to doughnuts Tim Hortons


    frmgrl, take a look at both then ask yourself why? why haven't we heard them on our national television.
    I never would have seen it had I not browse through FOX NEWS.
    Anyway, take a look at both tapes and listen to pleasant voice of the host re to our country.
    Thanks FOX.

  6. Jen,I did see those videos. Good stuff! Our national media won't report good news like that. They will hide it. You'd almost think they hated Canada. The US media is heads and shoulders above ours. They are GROWN UP PROFESSIONALS! Our media are JUVENILE AMATEURS!

  7. O/T, again, From FOX-You have got to listen to Green Peace video frmgrl

    Videos for canada
    Green Peace Founder Backs Oil Exportation From Canada … quickly. Well we could import more oil from Canada very friendly country just across the ..... to new pipeline bringing that down from Canada . Patrick is with us he's the all of ..... there's oil in the the talk shale of Canada . The administration here is dragging …
    canada found at 0:09


    Former Shell President: $5 Gas By Next Year … just that fixes the economy. Stacey burns why we use Canada more Canada has so much oil just ready for us and we don't go ..... oh well we're not sure we want that dirty oil from Canada . And they're they're jeopardizing. The of the …
    canada found at 3:52

  8. You've got some real good catches,Jen. Thanks. It looks like we have to go outside the country to find out what's really going on.

  9. I went into FOX-CLOSSING BELL then wrote or
    typed in Canada and lo and behold all:

    Closing Bell


    Forget the Canadian media, they eat drink corruption, failure and the fall of canada to suit the LPOC and the coalition-The VOICE OF DOOM.

  10. Forget the Canadian media, they eat drink corruption, failure and the fall of canada to suit the LPOC and the coalition-The VOICE OF DOOM.

    Exactly! Our media is hopeless. They like to scandal monger instead of reporting the real news.


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