Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Want Long Gun Registry Scrapped Than Want the Libs Family Pack

In an Ipsos Reid survey, it seems that scrapping the useless long gun registry is resonating more than the Liberals family pack.
OTTAWA — Few people believe Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will be able to follow through on his "Family Pack" platform promises, results of a new poll suggest.

Findings of the poll, conducted by Ipsos Reid exclusively for Postmedia News and Global National, show just 30 per cent of Canadians agree he will be able to implement his plans.
Only eight per cent of respondents "strongly" agreed, while 22 per cent "somewhat" agreed when polled between April 5-7.
However, it may not be Ignatieff's specific proposals that are the problem.
"(Voters) have lost confidence in government's ability to actually deliver on big promises," said Darrell Bricker, president of Ipsos Reid.
But while the public sees this as "just another campaign promise," there is still the possibility Ignatieff can change public perception, Bricker added.
"Right now, he neither has the credibility personally, nor does his party, nor do the policy ideas, to really change people's perspectives on whether or not they should give more credence to what this leader and party are saying," he said.
Along with Ignatieff's apparent lack of credibility, the long-gun registry is once again an issue resonating with voters, according to the survey's findings.
Forty-three per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: "When I'm thinking about my vote this time, how my MP voted on the long-gun registry will be an important part of my decision."
Sixteen per cent of respondents said they strongly agreed with the statement.
Oh,oh it  also seems like Iffy and his party have a credibility problem but then again that's what you can expect from the Liberals.  Promise all kinds of lofty pie in the sky stuff that they know will never be fulfilled and never mind how they're going to pay for it. They never follow through anyway. 

Where as you know very well Conservatives make modest achievable  promises that they almost always fulfill unless unforseen circumstances prevent them to do so. 

So the choice is definately clear. 

If you want the long gun registry scrapped, you know how to vote. At least that is acheivable and will save us money. The Liberal family pack on the other hand will cause us to spend more money that we don't have. Conservatives are the ONLY ones committed to scrapping this expensive useless program and.the only way to get it done is to vote for a Conservative majority.


  1. It's not that surprising to me. The "family pack" is the usual deal with Liberal promises. We all know what the deal is. Only certain groups get to benefit from their little special programs. Do they really think people will get behind $4k for university? Or $1500 for volunteering abroad?

  2. And why should the Liberals be believed in this matter?

    They had over a decade with a majority government to enact a child care plan they promised every single election they ran in during that time but never got it done.

    Now contrast that with the Tories who fought like hell with a minoritygovernment to get rid of the gun registry, and came within three NDP flip-floppers of doing so, and now say with amajority it will be gone for sure. Now you tell me whose credibility is greater.

  3. Not only that but remember the conservatives survived being beaten up by the coalition for 5 freaking years. For 5 years they've compromised to get most of their agenda passed and the coalition accuses them of having a lack of respect for democracy and not being able to work with others? Say what? Who buys this crap?

  4. Considering that the long gun registry has done absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from having guns, while it continues to cost us a fortune, it only makes sense to scrap it. The Liberals' family pack on the other hand will cost another fortune without the money being there to pay for it. As others have pointed out, it would only benefit a very small minority at the expense of everyone else, so the choice between the two is not difficult to make.

  5. The Liberal "Family Fraud" is nothing more than typical left wing BS; take from the many to give to the few; can anyone please tell me the diffrence between the liberals & the NDP?

  6. ; can anyone please tell me the diffrence between the liberals & the NDP?

    Really nothing anymore.

  7. How much of the family pac get thru a conservative senate. We finally have a majority there to help pass bills the coalition vote against. And when the coalition did vote for our bills, they knew they would get lost in the liberal senate. It will be years before libs will retake the senate.
    Considering all the red book ideas the libs are bringing back, when will they promise to abolish the gst, cancel the excise tax on gas they said they would never put on, as Joe who was talking about, they kept that promise by raising the rate Joe was talking about.
    Mary T

  8. It's not so much about sending the family the Family Pack(TM) but rather it is about sending the Family PackING...for good.


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