Friday, April 15, 2011

Does Michael Ignatieff Deserve Our Votes?

How come if the Liberal leader misses most votes in the House of Commons than any other MP that he thinks he deserves to be PM? Charles Adler thinks Jack Layton might be  right  in  that if Liberal leader Michael Igantieff  has missed the most votes  he shouldn't get a promotion.
When Jack Layton came in from behind and delivered the head shot about Ignatieff’s low-attendance record at House of Commons votes, it shredded the Liberal spin job.
Layton’s line revealed to voters that Ignatieff wasn’t just a visting professor to Canada. Ignatieff is just visiting when it comes to democracy.
Ignatieff’s typical condescending response was he didn’t require any lessons on democracy from Layton. Iggy would be right about that if only Layton had been wrong about his assertion.
Layton offered the data point — there’s that egghead language again, Iggy’s contagious — of 70%. He said Ignatieff missed 70% of the votes and in the real world when someone misses work 70% of the time, he shouldn’t expect a promotion.
And so here’s Jack Layton, who according to the polls is more trusted by John and Mary Canadian Tire than Michael Ignatieff, saying Ignatieff is not prime minister-worthy because the visiting professor doesn’t even want to visit Parliament Hill.
Is Jack Layton wrong?
Everyone agrees it was a great zinger. It can’t be great if it’s not based on the truth.
Liberal Partisans say it’s not true. Their argument is laughable. Iggy did miss most of those votes. But he was trying to beef up his brand with bus tours and his first visits to those quaint little stores with pedestrian coffee and those greasy little things with the holes in the middle that would never be served at the Ignatieff villa in the south of France.
Speaking of public housing, we know the Ignatieffs can’t stand the thought of living at the opposition residence, Stornoway. If he ever did manage to stage a coalition coup and become PM, would he and his wife hold their noses and “slum” it for a while by moving in to 24 Sussex?
Would they at least visit once in a while for the photo ops?
That should make anyone think twice if they're think about voting for Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals.  Jack Layton has it right "If most Canadians  don't show up for work, they  don't get a promotion" Way to go Jack!


  1. Qu'elle surprise -- Iggy's voting record contradicts his blather about 'respecting democracy'.

    Something us junkies have known for ages, and yet the media has largely ignored. Too bad they can't run interference for Iggy on this inconvenient truth, now that Jack has got his sound byte and tv ad out there.

    Calgary Junkie

  2. OMG
    Iggy did another Howard Dean,
    clip from PP evening show

    goto 4:30 mark

  3. Auditor Says Liberals Misled Parliament Involving $$$Millions

    I expect Igantieff and Liberals would like AG to dust off and release some of her other reports while she is at it.

    Liberals misinformed Parliament about millions spent on gun registry: AG
    Last Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 | 4:30 PM ET
    2006 Report of the Auditor General of Canada

    The former Liberal government misinformed Parliament about millions of dollars in expenses incurred by the gun registry, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said.
    The largest portion of her latest report to Ottawa focused on how the government twice failed to properly record tens of millions of dollars worth of overspending at the Canada Firearms Centre.

    AG Fraser lambastes Liberals for blowing budget by a billion dollars on registry‏

    AG Fraser lambastes Liberals for blowing budget by a billion dollars on registry. When Canada’s auditor general tabled her December 2002 report, she set her sights on Ottawa’s controversial gun registry program.
    Sheila Fraser blasted the federal government, run by the Liberals at the time, for exceeding its estimated budget, saying that by the time the smoke cleared and all gun owners and their guns were registered, the program would have cost taxpayers more than $1 billion. Opposition critics were quick to point out that figure is 500 times more than the original $2-million estimate. A look at internal audits conducted by the Canadian Firearms Program suggests the cost of the program has been an issue from the beginning.


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