Friday, April 29, 2011

The Real Reason Why Jack Layton Wants To Open the Constitution

Oh,it seems like Jack has a hidden agenda. Jack has been saying he would open up the constitution to allow Quebec to be a part of it.  Low and behold it seems that the reason he wants to open up the constitution is so that he can implement his job killing, economy kneecapping cap and trade program because with out opening the constitution up, cap and trade is apparently unconstitutional.   It would also break up the country at the same time.
A carbon quota regime would operate much the same way as does our national dairy quota regime, except Canada’s dairy quota limits only our combined milk, butterfat and cheese production, imports and sales. Under the single umbrella of the national carbon quota regime, a national commission will limit and politicize Canadians’ rights to produce, import, consume or export fossil-fuel derived energy, building products (cement, aluminum, iron and steel, wallboard and other pulp and paper-based products, etc.), fertilizers, industrial chemicals, grains and beef.
The existence of such a commission will eviscerate the powers assigned to the provinces in our current Constitution, forever.
For this reason, the federal government imposition of cap and trade regulation without the full support and prior approval of all of the covered provinces is most likely unconstitutional. The Liberals and NDP promise to impose such a quota system over provincial markets if, with or without Bloc support, they hold sway over the House of Commons. This would inevitably throw Canada into a protracted, costly and economically damaging constitutional crisis from which, I am afraid, the nation might never recover. Of course, this is also why it would make perfect sense for the Bloc to support any proposed federal cap and trade regulation.
The commitment to a federal carbon quota regime in both the Liberal and NDP election platforms presents almost unprecedented danger to Canadian unity. And, yes, the Bloc and their friends in the PQ must love it.
There you have it.  We would be in such a mess to likes that we have never seen before and probably never recover from.
This cannot be allowed to happen.Everything we buy  will go up dramatically in price.  The country will be in turmoil.
From my heart I plead with my fellow Canadians, please, please, think hard and long before you cast that ballot.   This country is about to be destroyed if Jack Layton is allowed anywhere near the reins of power. 
Please, there is not much time left.  Inform your friends,neighbors, relatives, co-workers.  Spread word!
Unless we vote for a Conservative majority, we will quickly see Canada go down the tubes.


  1. Jack's popularity in Quebec is just another attempt by them to screw the rest of Canada. They know that Ignatieff is unpopular and a coalition with the Bloc would never be accepted by the ROC but with the Layton clown instead, there would be no argument. Too bad that there are enough voting idiots in the other provinces to actually pull it off.

  2. Jacko Leninlite's plan is coming together.

  3. Actually, you're confusing two separate issues. Jack wants to get Quebec's signature on the Constitution, and he wants cap and trade.

    To think he does not sincerely want Quebec brought into the Constitutional fold is just foolish.

    You probably don't know any francophones, which renders your opinion moot, but a lot would be happy to see the Constitution formally signed by Quebec.

    You may disagree with him on the Constitution, and you may disagree with him on cap and trade. Heck, you may pretend it's all a conspiracy theory if you really wish to... normal people aren't listening.

  4. Jacques,I have a question for you. Are you prepared to pay way more for everything you buy? That's exactly what will happen. Business will not be able to survive. Many will leave the country.

    As an Albertan,watch for us to take action to leave the federation. We will not sit idly buy. You will see outrage like you've never seen before. We will act not like Quebec who just threaten! It will not be a pretty site! Mark my words!

  5. Layton has never had a hidden agenda, its a combination of the Communist Manifesto and the radical environmental movement; though how a guy who continually crys about climate change can fly around in a jet is beyond me, but I guess if his huckser friend Al Gore does it Jack can too.

  6. Riddle me this. If Quebec has not signed the Constitution why the hell are we sending them equalization payments? Isn't equalization part of the Constitution? Stop equalization and see how fast they sign!

  7. Trudeau devasted Alberta economy as well as canada's, with his NEP.
    We suffered for over twenty years. And not only that Paul Martin later on cut transfer payments for our HEALTHCARE which also caused major havoc.
    We cannot allow our province to go through this again. WE WILL FIGHT BACK.


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