Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Blue Liberals Should Vote Conservative

I believe common sense Blue Liberals should vote for a Conservative majority. . Here's why   In recent weeks it seems like the Orange Crush is crushing the Big Red Tent leaving it almost impotent.  The Orange Crush NDP overtaking the Libs could actually end up governing.  That should alarm Blue Liberals. Even if Libs end up being part of a coalition. It will be Jack Layton and the NDP at the mercy of the Bloc who will be calling the shots.  The NDP platform if implemented would devastate the economy and open the door to a real national unity crisis that create such instability we might not ever recover.  I believe these Liberals love their country and do not want to see it destroyed.  A Conservative majority would continue with our economic recovery and offer stability.

Secondly a Conservative majority would give the Liberal party four years to rebuild to be a real contender again. It would actually be healthy for Liberals.  They could develop new ideas put them into policy, find a strong credible leader, and create a solid fund raising mechanism.

I'm appealing to those fair minded Blue Liberals  to put the country first and at least this time and vote for a stable Conservative majority. You are good and sensible people.   Please think hard and long before casting that ballot.  The fate country is in your hands.  Stephen Harper is not the bogeyman. He's not going turn Canada into a Theocracy. He's not going reverse a woman freedom to choose or reverse gay marriage.  He's done a pretty good job in sheltering us from the great recession and only has the good of the country at heart. Jack Layton will turn us back big time! Lastly remember this is not Canadian Idol!


  1. hmmm perhaps Joe clark endorsing Scott Brison was supposed to send a message to blue Libs ...

  2. I posted this on another site,so for those who have already read my comment.SORRY....It is sad that so many Canadians do not understand the good that PM Harper has done for Canada during his 5 years as Prime Minister.The saddest part is that people in other countries love him and look to him for advice and also know him as a friend.Our MSM is totally to blame for this with their childish attacks on him .They do not report the policies his government has adopted,but they HEADLINED the phony daily scandals that the opposition made up.Have you noticed during this election campaign that PM Harper will never attack the person I/E the leaders of the other party,but he will attack their policies.Yet all 3 opposition leaders & the green leader Elizabeth May have all attacked PM Harper's honesty and character and some of the Politicians themselves called him fascist etc.???What has this man done to deserve this kind of treatment from all the opposition and the MSM.He has guided the Country out of a recession that the rest of the world is still in and placed Canada in the spotlight as one of the best places in the world to do business and invest money.He has no hidden agenda ,that has been proven.He has lowered taxes and given seniors income splitting.(This saved me $1800 this year alone.)He has given the Armed Forces back their pride by outfitting them with modern vehicles & arms.They now have the capability to get to countries like Haiti after earthquakes with needed supplies and doctors.They had to beg for rides during the Chretien years.There are so many things that Canada should be thanking PM Harper for,but they are slapping him in the face as a thank you..To all you PM Harper haters SHAME SHAME SHAME..And that is my polite version of how i feel.

  3. Fully agree. If the Liberals want to have a party in 2 years, the blue dog Liberals should switch their vote to the Tories and start the rebuild process. If the Libs merge with the NDP just to get a taste of power, their party is dead.

    There will be the leftists and the CPC, the new natural governing party of Canada.

  4. What are the chances of a faction of Blue Liberals (assuming there are any left in the new caucus come Monday) sign an agreement to prop up the Harper government, or pull an Emerson and cross the floor altogether? That's a coalition that would provide stability.

  5. @ Anon 4:45 I agree, but please let's not start on the CPC "Natural Governing Party" line. That's the same attitude that got the Liberals to where they are today (although 2-3 consecutive CPC majorities would be nice :) ).

  6. "It is sad that so many Canadians do not understand the good that PM Harper has done for Canada during his 5 years as Prime Minister."

    In my experience, it isn't that they don't *understand* it - it's that they refuse to acknowledge anything positive about the CPC or PMHarper. They can't get past their own hatred to see it.

  7. Springer has a new post up listing what is in the NDP constitution and also many of the bills they introduced that never passed. Would he re-introduce them they are very scary.
    It is a must read to get educated at to what the ndp really is.


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