Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Lberals Bring in the Jean Chretien and Paul Martin

 Michael Ignatieff can't win on his own so Liberals have brought in Paul Martin and Jean Chretien for the last leg of the campaign.
It's like Charles Adler says in a tweet:
  Charles Adler
by katewerk
Here's a You know it's bad for the Visiting Prof Update- Liberals turning to Paul Martin & Jean Chrétien to rally voters in final stretch

I don't think it's going to work, too many memories.  Adscam,and Paul Martin Canada Steamship Line and tax havens. 


  1. To add more criminals to a criminal organization seeking to run the country might work if every voter had no memory. However Canadians do remember the proven details of adscam and other transgressions carried out by these two known criminals. The stink of criminal activity hangs heavy over paulie martin and buggsy cretin and no amount of turd polishing will get rid of it. It smells lieberal.

  2. Totally agree, both of those guys should be somewhere else (you know where) but I'm not allowed to say it.
    "We wont be fooled again!"
    Take your Red Book and...well, you know the rest of the story.

  3. Chretien & Martin arrival must make Lib supporters ask... is this it, huh?

    Lib platform out in week one,
    brown envelopes opened in week two,
    debates week three,
    and 2 weeks to go and Iffy has nothing left except to resort to displaying
    the author of Adscam, Chretien and the last Lib PM to be defeated by PM Harper, Dithers?

  4. William in Ajax said...

    Chretien and Martin were ordered to help the Iggster, by the (Powers) that control the Liberal party.
    But it's all for naught.

    I'm not alone in suspecting the Liberals will fail to win 40 seats this coming election...
    Watch for Bob Rae to lead a large defection of lefty/Liberals over to the NDP...
    Giving the NDP the numbers needed to supplant the Bloc as the official opposition.!

  5. Good Bye Iggy. P.S. You better vote for the budget before you leave; otherwise, there will be riots in our streets west of Toronto.

  6. Liberal Red Book - "It's a lot of crap" Paul Martin

    Since the Liberals have unveiled their new Red BooK and all the promises, Canadians should be warned what Liberal Leader Prime Minister Paul Martin, said about the first Red Book - but Liberals didn't tell Canadians that it was a con job.

    Referring to the Liberal Red Book, Paul Martin said "Screw the Red Book... Don't tell me what's in the Red Book. I wrote the goddamned thing. And I know that it's a lot of crap." (Wilson-Smith, Greenspon, 1996)

    There is good reason why Canadians are convinced this one smells the same, because it is being peddled by snake oil salesman Count Iggy, with numbers that he doesn't understand and that don't add up.

    Wilson-Smith, Anthony; Greenspon, Edward (1996). Double Vision: The Inside Story of the Liberals in Power. Doubleday Canada

  7. Well since Count MIA Ziffy will get most of his votes from cemeteries why not drag out a couple of political cadavers to help Count MIA Ziffy?

  8. Good Grief! run a campaign on ethics and you drag Chretain and Martin out of their hiding places.
    Can you say adscam, criminally organized Liberals?
    What's next dig up Trudeau? All the Liberals have left is desperation and the stench of defeat.IMO

  9. Could the backroom boys be bringing the former scandal PMs to finish off iggy. They have to know that Canadians will never forget what they did with our tax money. Didn't Gomery say the liberals were the party of corruption.
    308 has the conservatives predicted to win 152 seats. Does anyone other than the coalition trio actually believe the GG would give them power, with a majority of about 6 seats.
    And how many emmersons and belindas will get elected to cross and sit as a backbencher with PMSH or as an independent, who will support our PM.
    Somebody really read the true feelings of voters very wrong. Or, did the backroom boys figure we should pay to defeat iggy, rather than having a convention and leadership review.
    Iggy brought up the long form census, has he ever completed a cdn census, since they are every 10 years.
    Mary T

  10. Iggy screamed , somewhat hoarsly , " Rise up , rise uup , rise up" and lo and behold , out came Jean and Paulie.

  11. Wow! Bringing back Chretien and Martin just begs for an attack ad. Chretien's choke hold, a shot of the Liberanos poster, reference to HRDC scandal, Shawinigate, BDC, massive subsidies to Martin's steamshiplines, all nicely voiced over with Iggy talking about ethics. Better yet, start with a Chretien voice over from the 1993 election when he was preaching bringing back ethics to government and end it with Iggy preaching about ethics.


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