Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stockwell Day Explains How Auditor General Compiles Reports

Much has been made of a leaked GG draft report. Stockwell Day eloquently explains how the AG complies her reports.
To understand how things work,and what might have happened,listen here April 12, aprox. 9:00am@approx 10:00mrk; A MUST LISTEN!!!!    You can also go and listen at DaveRutherford.com
 Listen to the whole hour. Callers later make great comments.

Remember  the AG said to wait until the full final report is tabled.

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  1. Peter Milliken is and always was a Liberal Cheer Leader
    Peter Milliken showed he was a fraud and his impartiality was non-existent to Canadians yesterday when he showed up at a Ignatieff Liberal rally to receive a shower of thanks from Iggy for helping the coalition of parties defeat the government. If anyone thought for one minute that this Liberal was a rare bird and capable of honesty found out yesterday he was a part of the plot of the coalition to bring down the government.

  2. If the coalition really wanted the AG report tabled, they could have waited a week, it was due April 5. With all the leaks etc, I think the liberals have got a copy of the final report and it is very favorable to the govt. They don't want it released pre election.
    Lots of comments that the Count has to hit a knock out punch, and gee, we will all change our vote. Sorry, until all those adscam liberals retire, no liberal leader will be elected PM of Canada for many years. The Count might get a few more votes in his riding, but wont help him out west.


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