Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Premier Stelmach Weighs In On the Federal Election

Premier Ed Stelmach wasn't going to get involved in the federal election but he felt he had to. He has blasted the Liberal and NDP leaders in an open letter.
Premier Ed Stelmach has blasted federal party leaders and candidates for “driving a wedge between Canadians” by pitting provinces and economic sectors against each other for short-term gain.
In an open letter, Stelmach said the election campaign policy platforms of the parties would stifle growth in thriving economic sectors.
“As a premier, my priority is to my province and its people,” he said in the letter, released by his office late Monday. “It is frustrating that, once again, campaign promises are being made that will hurt the West.
“It is not new for Alberta to be in the crosshairs of federal political parties, but as our country moves out of the worst recession in 70 years, federal leaders should be looking to unite Canadians, not divide us.”
Stelmach’s letter comes after both the Liberal and NDP parties suggested it was time to clean up oilsands developments and adopt cap-and-trade emissions reductions programs.
Although Stelmach doesn’t mention any particular party, he suggests that the federal leaders should be looking at how the oilsands can help strengthen our country rather than divide it.
“They should not be using this critical resource to try to drive a wedge between Canadians,” he wrote.
Before Monday, the Alberta government had been mostly quiet on responding to the Liberal policies in the lead-up to the May 2 general election, other than having the premier’s spokesman say a cap-and-trade system “would hurt Albertans” and do little to reduce emissions.
Yup, the Libs and Dippers dividing Canadians again.  You know "screw the west and we'll take the rest" attitude.  What they don't realize is that the oil industry benefits not only the west but also the rest of Canada.  Many come out to the oil patch to work and there are spin off business as result of the oilsands.

Why doesn't the Count and Jack Layton say the same things in Alberta as they do in Quebec?      Hmmm..........could it be because they see the west as wasteland for  votes and the most votes are in Ontario and Quebec?

What they purpose to do would hurt our whole economy.  It means everyone pays more for everything.  Besides the cap and trade plan they wouldn't hesitate to implement would be nothing more than wealth distribution where the most of the money would go to Quebec to appease Gilles to keep his support.  Don't be fooled!!!

A word of caution!  Think about it before you vote!

Update: You can read the entire Premier Stelmach's open letter to the leaders here.

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  1. Ed grows some 'oysters' down there finally. (real conservative)


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