Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep Slave Lakers in Your Prayers

I'm sure everyone is aware now of the tragic devastating fires in Slave Lake in Northern Alberta burning down nearly one third of the town.this weekend. More firefighters are on their way to help.
SLAVE LAKE, Alta. — More firefighting help is on its way to Slave Lake, but it will arrive too late for some parts of the northern Alberta town already destroyed by a wind-whipped wildfire.
Police say nearly one third of the town has either been destroyed or damaged after strong winds Sunday suddenly turned the flames on the town of 7,000.
All residents were ordered to leave Sunday afternoon, but the evacuation process proved difficult as smoke and flames blocked some of the highways.
No deaths or injuries were reported.
About 70 firefighters from the Edmonton area are on their way to Slave Lake to help battle the wildfires.
The province says equipment and approximately 200 firefighters from British Columbia and Ontario are also expected later in the week to help with the provincial firefighting effort

Residents started evacuated on Sunday and a state of emergency has been declared. What a horrible thing to happen. I can't imagine what the residents are going through. Thank God no one is hurt!
Residents in the town of Slave Lake were told to evacuate town Sunday evening after a series of fires were encroaching on the town of Slave Lake. A state of emergency was declared and residents were told to evacuate town or face being arrested.
Everyone, other than those directly involved in the rescue, fled town and forced to wait from a safe distance as their homes and businesses burned to the ground.
 For those who are looking for family or friends or just wish to help here's some contact information.

  • Family members looking for information on where medical patients were moved can call Alberta Health Services at 1-866-301-2668.
  • Anyone looking for help in finding family and friends in Slave Lake can call 1-780-523-338 for assistance.
  • The Alberta arm of the Red Cross is accepting donations for displaced residents. You can donate by calling 1-800-418-1111.

And please remember to keep the people of Slave Lake in your hearts and prayers!  They desperately need it at this time.


  1. This disaster is hitting people all over AB, and possibly Canada. Our local manager of the golf club and restaurant is from Slave Lake, and he watched the fire burn where his house used to be.

  2. Our local manager of the golf club and restaurant is from Slave Lake, and he watched the fire burn where his house used to be.

    That's gotta be hard! Apparently,Premier Stelmach is on his way up there and he received a phone call from the PM expressing sadness and offers for assistance.


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