Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Lizzy May's Following Her Constituents Wishes?

The Quebec Justice Minister made a quick trip to Ottawa yesterday to do some lobbying and it's not who you think.  Nope it wasn't Justice Minister Nicholson or anyone else in the government, it was Lizzy May.  He came to  persuade her to support the others in the passage of a mega-trial bill that the other parties want to pass with unanimous consent before the House rises for the summer break .  Unfortunately he was unsuccessful.
OTTAWA - Quebec's justice minister made a quick trip to Ottawa to lobby Green Leader Elizabeth May and, apparently, failed Tuesday to get her support for the instant adoption of a so-called "mega-trials" bill.
May continues to argue that the government's newest justice legislation needs serious study and should not be rushed.
Quebec was recently stunned when a judge allowed 31 suspected Hells Angels to go free, after the costly and complicated trial was plagued by delays.
The province's justice minister, Jean-Marc Fournier, urged May to help the federal bill get unanimous consent so that it might be fast-tracked through the House of Commons.
But the Green party issued a statement later in the day saying it would not be pressured into moving quicker.
The NDP have been working with the Conservatives on this and has given  assurance as have the Liberals and the Bloc MPs that it would get unanimous speedy passage..

May pulled this trick  too with the motion to extend the mission in Libya.  She was the only descender.
The NDP and Liberals voted in favour of the extension after securing several additional amendments to the motion that would see Canada remain in Libya until September — another 3 1/2 months. Green Party leader Elizabeth May was the lone MP to vote against the motion.
Wow, four years of this! Is she following her constituents wishes?  I guess it's a way to get some media attention.  Otherwise sitting in the back corner beside the four Bloc members she wouldn't get the time of day,  because they aren't.   Heck even the Liberals aren't getting very much air and print time these days.

Maybe May should  make sure what her constituents want and educate herself on other issues besides global warming hoax.


  1. Definately not a good start for the Green Party. She is going to rapidly get a reputation for being an obstructionist. She could have proposed an amendment that this bill be passed and then a more formal review take place in the fall and if any changes are necessary they can be discussed and implemented.

    If more of the Quebec suspects get let go Lizzy may have to bear some responsibility for it.

  2. Voters in Saanich Gulf Islands may regret sending Dizzy Lizzy instead of keeping a Minister on the Government benches to represent them in Ottawa.

  3. Voters in Saanich Gulf Islands may regret sending Dizzy Lizzy instead of keeping a Minister on the Government bench

    The same goes for the quebec voters who voted for a smile at a empty house- instead of keeping Cannon. Good experience mps were toss out the window for a 'smile' (jack's)

  4. The same goes for the quebec voters who voted for a smile at a empty house- instead of keeping Cannon.

    You are probably quite right. Once those voters realize the NDP can't deliver anything for them,out they go like the yesterday's trash. I do hope Lawrence Cannon does consider running again. I thought he was a very good Minister IMHO.

  5. Quebec has a reputation for irresponsible voting patterns.
    I am shaking my head at the voters from Saanich Gulf Islands. They have really let Canada down.

  6. I have a feeling Elizabeth May's honeymoon with her fellow MP's is about over. Me,We,Me,We......
    She wants a debate, kinda rich when the only way she can speak is if somebody else gives up their turn. Gettin' old quick.
    Cheers Bubba

  7. I don't get it. Why do they need to convert or talk with Elizabeth May at all. Forget her. Who cares. Don't try and make an enemy a friend.
    Please someone explain. It is not a rhetorical question.

  8. I am a voter in Saanich-Gulf Islands, and I can say that we who voted for her are very happy with her work, with the way she listens directly to our concerns, and with how she advocates for individual voters on specific issues. Wish I could say the same for the previous MP.


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