Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver In Chaos

Last night the after the last game of the Stanley Cup series where the Boston Bruins won 4-0  upset with the loss of the Canucks, violence broke out on the streets Vancouver. Windows were smashed, cars set on fire, looting, stabbings.It's just a hockey game people!   It truly puts a black eye on the city. What a difference a year makes.  Compare Vancouver last year to now, it's like it's two different cities.

  Remember when  patriotism broke out on to Vancouver streets with flag waving,jubilation and  spontaneous singing of the national anthem, and no violence after the gold medal game last year?
I usually am a Calgary Flames fan.  I remember when the 2004 run the Flames made the finals, they lost, there was no violence on Calgary streets. 
Watching the video and looking at the photos reminds me of the G8 riots a year ago in Toronto.  One wonders if all that violence was  really caused by Canucks fans or was it just  a few trouble making  anarchist  young punks  who like to find opportunities in which to make trouble?   Despicable!

Makes me wonder what the youth are being taught these days.   Whatever it is,it ain't any good when these kind of things happen.

Another thing, you want to make a bet somebody will find a way to blame PM Stephen Harper for this?

BTW Congratulations Boston Bruins the new Stanley Cup champions!


  1. This would have happened if Canada lost the gold medal hockey game.

  2. The blame rests with the Mayor of Vancouver. He is fully aware of the 1994 riots and unless he's completely delusional, must realize that young people are even more prone to violence and contemptuous of authority than they were 17 years ago.

    The open air venues for viewing the game were recognized by most sensible people as a probable gathering place for troublemakers,but Mayor Robertson seems to view the world through the classic rose colored glasses.

    Now,the "buck" stops at his office.

  3. Looks like Brigette De former Page has finally gotten her "Arab spring" in Canada.


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