Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are the Alberta PC's Days Numbered?

 I hope so and it would be about time In an interview with Sun Media, Preston Manning seems to think so.

CALGARY - The Alberta Tories' days could be numbered if a new leader doesn't frankly address major weaknesses and reinvigorate the party, says an Alberta conservative icon.
Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning told QMI Agency on Wednesday he's not convinced any of the six candidates vying for Alberta's top job are going to shake things up.
"I'm concerned that none of the candidates, to the extent that I would like to see, are addressing the greatest threat to the governing party, which is its own long time in office and its weakness in a number of important areas to Albertans," said Manning. 

.  The PC's are old tired, out of good original ideas and they've become complacent and arrogant. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary in power.  With the leadership vote on Saturday, I'm not too impressed with any of the candidates.  None of them seem to want to bring real change to the party or the province.  Time to turf them out next election and bring in real change and invigoration to Alberta.

Another thing, the Alberta Progressive Conservative party should drop the Conservative out of their title because there's nothing conservative about them at all.  They have done nothing conservative in recent years. They've moved further and further to the  left.

  The Wildrose party is the way to go in my opinion.  They have new fresh ideas and a young energetic charismatic leader in Danielle Smith.and Wildrose is the ONLY conservative party in Alberta.

Come next election that could come as early as next spring, small c conservatives should not be fooled.  PC's will not give you a conservative government. They believe in big government.   Wildrose will be your only choice if you  want a truly small conservative government.


  1. I am in full agreement with you. In todays world Progressive Conservative politically is an oxymoron. Other than in name there is nothing conservative in the PC Party. The Alberta PC's are to the left of the BC Liberals and would fit comfortably with the Manitoba NDP.

  2. The Alberta PCs are suffering from what I call socialist creep. Liberals and other socialists, knowing they cannot get elected under their banner and philosophy, take on the name and clothing of conservatives to gain the postions they covet through subterfuge. Once esconced within the party apparatus they work collectively to insinuate their insidious left-wing policies until they become the dominant force in decision making. It is a slow process and the public and true conservatives within the party don't notice the incremental changes taking place until one day they awaken to the realization that their principles have been co-opted by the collectivist mentality of the infiltrators. In many cases the awakening comes too late for them to overcome the philosophy of the nanny state. Let's hope Albertans have received their wake-up call in time and turf these phony conservatives from office.

  3. Albertans have a history of voting governments out, not in. If Mar wins this race, with all the dirty tricks he has pulled, we are in deep deep trouble. As he has no seat, he would have to call an early election, or by-election to get one. Who would he payoff to resign so he could run.
    Wasn't going to vote on Saturday, but now think I will, just to give another vote against Mar.

  4. maryT,I completely agree with you. You've brought up some very good points. I have this gut feeling Gary Mar will end up being chosen as the new leader and premier. He admitted on Rutherford today he's a progressive so that did it for me. I don't like him.

  5. What do you think of Ted Morton?
    I remember when Ted and Jim Dinning and few others were running for the leadership when Ralph stepped down. And from what I gather people outside of Alberta payed five dollars for a membership so that they can stop Morton and Dinning from winning and by doing so, Stelmach out of nowhere managed to win the race. Now look what has happened.

    My husband is not impress with any of them except Danniele Smith.

    I was hoping that Stelmach would stand up for Alberta against the environmentalists who have no use for our province and welfare of our nation. But instead, Stelmach did somewhat the otherwise.

  6. What do you think of Ted Morton?

    Last time my husband and I supported Ted in his leadership bid. He sounded like a real small c conservative.

    I think he sold out. He was in cabinet and never once spoke out against the royalty formula,the big spending etc. As a so called fiscal conservative the one budget he delivered was no conservative budget. He supports the land stewardship bills that takes rights away from land owners.

    I guess you could say we are disaffected PC er's who has turned to Danielle Smith and Wildrose. Heck,the 1971 election was the first election that I was old enough to vote in and I voted PC. I liked Peter Lougheed until he signed on to Trudeau's NEP. I didn't excited again until Ralph Klein.

  7. I'm going to vote for Morton but when the election comes I'm voting wild rose.

    I wrote to Morton twice asking what was his position on the alberta HRC. Never got an answer although I got plenty of phone calls & e-mails requesting my vote & money.

    Enough is enough.

    Mar will probably become Premier by next week. Conservatives should do everything they can to prevent that. Vote Morton then vote W.R.

  8. Got a call from the Mar campaign last night and hung up on him. I doubt that a lot of Morton voters last week will follow him to Mar. Nothing like covering your a@@ to keep a cabinet post.
    It is way too late for Morton.

  9. OT, but it seems like Mulcair is still teasing he will run for Jack's job. I don't think he will, he will pull a Buchard.
    Topp will have to include all his pre campaign expenses in his official campaign. Wonder how much the unions have given him up to now.


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