Monday, September 12, 2011

Kudo's To David Akin

At first when Sunnews Network launched, I was apprehensive about David Akin joining their team but because of his anti-conservative bias sometimes but I have to give credit where credit is due.. On his blog,On The Hill over the weekend, he gives it to CTV's Craig Oliver and all the connections between CTV and the Liberal party.

I think it's about time old Oliver should consider retiring just like his buddy Lloyd has.  He's way past his best before date.

Anyway, thanks David Akin for highlighting the obvious.  It's about time!  Please tell us more!


  1. That's a great read! O.K. Maybe I'll have to give Mr. Akin another chance.

  2. David Akin has never been anti-conservative. But he is much more conscious of maintaining journalistic integrity than some other hosts at Sun News. The difference is not so much in his views but in his personality. He's not "in your face" like Ezra Levant, but that doesn't mean he's not the right man to host a 6pm EST news program for Sun News. I say keep Mr. Akin and Sun News will benefit.


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