Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ding,Dong Kyoto's Dead


 Kudo's to Environment Minister Peter Kent.  He has announced we are officially out of Kyoto.  Yeah!!!

China says it's regrettable. I bet.  They won't be getting a handout from Canada now. Boo,Hoo!!

On the other hand the Aussies defend our exit.  Thank-you Australia!

Kyoto was just a wealth distributing scam anyway.  I'm glad we're out.

Now, let's get out of the UN!


  1. Out of the UN - Totally agree as they are a multitude of crooks and thieves.
    One only has to look at the members of that organization.
    We (Canada) has to be loyal only to ourselves and are not obligated to anyone else in this mans world.
    It's real tough when you have to face reality.

  2. I am not real sure but I think through CEDA Canada still give China 50 some million $$$ a year. We have to pay them to allow Murice Strong to live there.

    Rob C

  3. Kent stated that there should be another deal in 2015,so unless he's pulled a "Chretien", we'll have to renegotiate again in four years. Maybe by then this charade will have died an inglorious death.

    We,unfortunately, will never drop membership in the UN. It just isn't conceivable for any politician to do that. Best we can hope for is to starve them for funds.

  4. And lizzie is losing whatever is left of her mind.

  5. And lizzie is losing whatever is left of her mind.

    I thought she lost it a long time ago.

  6. And if Minister Kent had not legally withdrawn from Kyoto,
    all of the enviro wachos, paid and promoted by US billionaires and actors,
    would be badgering Canada into imposing a carbon tax on everything to pay for the $14 Billion in Kyoto carbon credits,
    to meet our legal obligations.

    Minister Kent put an end to their badgering and wealth transfer dreams... boohooo Lizzy

    So now Lizzy May and Dippers have no 'Kyoto obligation' platform for their nation destroying carbon tax.

    This sensible government hopefully will approach the global warming fraud with an industry by industry 'pollution' reduction strategy.

    And another thing.

    The enviro wachos and the lefty media have themselves to blame,
    they badgered, threatened and insulted the Harper Govt and Ministers for 6 years,
    rather than work with them.

    Pulling out of Kyoto is a 3 day story.
    extending Kyoto would have extended the bullying for 5 more years.

  7. extending Kyoto would have extended the bullying for 5 more years.

    I hear ya! They'll find something else to bellyache about.

  8. lizzie should be happy....now all those burning crosses on the lawns in Prince George won't be costing us offset credits


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