Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everything Should Be On The Table-Including The State Broadcaster

Our "Strong Stable Majority Conservative Goverment" is considering deeper spending cuts to the budget than they first proposed to bring us back to balanced budget. 
The Conservative government is talking up the possibility of much deeper cuts than originally planned as they push federal departments to cut billions in annual spending.
CPC MP Brent Rathgeber is suggesting that "everything" should be on the table. Yes,including the "state broadcaster."   He's right.

 As the deadline for that work approaches, Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber told The Globe and Mail that he and other members of the Conservative caucus are urging cabinet ministers to cut more aggressively.
“Everything should be on the table,” he said, listing federal funding for the CBC and the Royal Alberta Museum as areas where savings can be found.
You hear that Minister Flaherty, don't be shy, go for it!  Deeper cuts, everything on the table including the CBC. Shake them loose from the public purse string.  That's what us Conservatives want to see in  Budget 2012.

Let the "state broadcaster" and their buddies bawl and squawl.   It's more important to get our fiscal house in order so we don't go the way of Europe than to keep pouring down the drain into that black hole of a"state broadcaster"  over a $1.2 billion every year.  Use that money to help eliminate our deficit and pay down our ballooning debt. It would be our hard earned taxpayer money better spent.


  1. If they make deep cuts but don't make cuts at the CBC, I will be pissed.

  2. If they make deep cuts but don't make cuts at the CBC, I will be pissed.

    Me too,Suzanne.


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