Friday, February 10, 2012

Premier Mom Not Rasing Taxes? Think Again


Everyone is saying there are no new taxes or tax hikes in Premier Mom Alison Redford's budget that was tabled yesterday.  Well that's exactly not true.  This is what is hidden in the so called no tax hike budget.  You will be paying more in education property taxes.  More than at any time in the last two decades.
Although the Redford government boasts about no tax increases or new levies in the budget, it hikes the province's 2012 education property tax take by more than at any time in the last two decades.
Alberta taxpayers will shell out $1.8 billion in education property taxes to the province, an increase of more than $107 million over the 2011 total.
So folks don't let Premier Mom pull the wool over your eyes. More tax hikes are coming but after the election.  Remember what the throne speech said on Tuesday that there could be a review of income taxes.   
and you know what that means.  Yup, most likely an increase your taxes that you are forced to pay so Premier Mom can placate her union friends and special interest groups.

I think the choice will be very clear in the coming spring election.  Wildrose is the only party who will NOT raise your taxes. They will cut spending instead to get the books in order.   Which will you choose?  Think about it before you cast your ballot this spring.


  1. How else will she pay for her promises to the teachers' union? Didn't she promise and provide an additional $100.0M for education?

    Funny how we Albertans slam Ontarians for re-electing folks like McGuinty.

    I don't really see any difference between the boneheadedness of Ontarians and us...just like a resident of Ontario, we get what we continue to vote for.

    Ed the Hun

    1. I don't really see any difference between the boneheadedness of Ontarians and us...just like a resident of Ontario, we get what we continue to vote for.

      Exactly. My husband says this election will be Albertan's stupidity test. Seems like Ontarians failed theirs. We'll see what happens in the spring in Alberta here. It's up to us to educate the rest of Albertans so they wake up.

  2. From the looks of things, some people do not have a clue what is happening in the education system. Yes Stelmack and his country bumkins made a mistake indexing the teachers salary, and I think most teachers will tell you that. Most teachers don't want a raise, they just want a limit on classroom sizes and a stop to all this BS paperwork that keeps on being piled onto them, and the amount of hours they work.
    Do you realize that teachers are not covered by workers comp, but they pay into it. Also they have to buy their own insurance to cover them, not to mention the supplies they buy out of their own pocket to teach the students. And not like some other occupations, they cannot claim none of it on income taxes. It also a well known fact that 80-90% of teachers vote Liberal or NDP, so to say that the government bought their vote is ludicrous. What the government did buy was the parent's vote of the kids that are in school. People with kids in school have a strong say in what happens and their the ones that make or break a government. As long their children are getting the proper education their happy, but take that away watch out.
    One of the biggest problems in the schools today is the amount of ESL (English as a second language) students and most of these students have no social skills what so ever. These students are taxing the system and teachers are being worked to the bone. Then's there is a the behavioral students which is a whole different can of worms.
    To attack the teachers in Alberta is a mistake and no way is the union here is like the one in Ontario. Comparing the school system in Alberta to the one in Ontario is fight words to most Alberta teachers. The teachers in Alberta are sick and tired of hearing from parents "This is not like they do in Ontario". Best leave the teachers alone because if you go after them, you'll have the parents of the students as enemies as well, and that is a lot of votes

  3. Archie,

    As as a TAXPAYER, I'm sick and tired of hearing the complaining and whining from the Teachers' Union. Christ, I don't get a 'standard-work-day'...all I get is to work longer and away from home at a lot less than the 'average' (and I checked) tenured teacher.

    The Teachers' Union bought memberships to influence the PC leadership convention. "Red" Alison is no more conservative than Bob Ray or Raj Sherman...they are as left as you can is she.

    You must be a teacher...why? Because of your quote, "The teachers in Alberta are and tired of hearing from parents." Dummy, those parents are your boss!

  4. No Archie, I'm not buying a word of your bunk that is in support of the new Liberal-PC coalition party. The ATA is a big part of this sneaky underhanded coalition and your attempt to deflect the conversation to some asinine topic like ESL and the multitude of woes that the poor teachers suffer under is ludicrous.
    The last couple of federal elections saw this very same sort of propaganda technique being used by the Liberals. You’d think that after that failure your type would try to change it up a bit.

  5. It's opinions like these is why the Wild Rose party will fail, they will be label a ultra right wing group that is stuck in the past, and NO I'm not a teacher.

  6. These little jabs Alison throws at the public is to test us how we function and if we don't like what she is doing she changes her mind for now.But believe me those irritating jabs will be implimented when and if she is elected premier.
    I do not trust her.


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