Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Can't We Have That Debate?

I'm so sick and tired of those who want to stifle debate on anything to do with abortion or any other issue.  For example Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth brought forth a motion to debate whether or not to set up a special committee to discuss when life begins.  What's so wrong with that?

You'd think it was Armageddon the way some are reacting.  Why can't we have a debate on abortion, the death penalty, climate change, health care or anything else?  The beloved Charter that the left loves to tout says we have freedom of speech but really it's an illusion. 

Take a couple of Wildrose candidates in most recent Alberta election,  One, a former pastor who wrote in blog over a year ago that quoted the Bible sayng gays along with every other sinner will burn in a lake of fire if they don't turn from their ways.  The other made a statement that was totally taken out context about race. You can agree or disagree with those two gentlemen. That's up to everyone to decide. They and the Wildrose party were crucified and some believe that's why they lost the election.  Is one not allowed  to voice their own views or have their own beliefs when it comes to religion or race?

Free speech only seems to be for one side. The Left. If those of us on the right speak out about the issues we believe in etc we get called hater mongers, bigots,racists, neanderthals, knuckle draggers and a whole bunch of other names.  We are the ones who are told we have to be tolerant but the other side seems like they are the ones who are the most intolerant and hateful.  We must be politically correct. 

Those of us who have different views on abortion, climate change and all the other topics that are verboten, are told to sit down and shut up, it's settled, we don't want to go there. Well I don't think we should sit down and shut up.  It's exactly what the other side wants..  There has to be a time when we say enough is enough.

Are we not grown up enough in this country to debate the  issues from all sides?  Can't we have a civil debate without one side demonizing the other? 

No topic should be off the table  Everyone should have their say.

  We should never forget this famous quote from Thomas Jefferson: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."  

 And this one from Edmond Burke "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."


  1. Good topic for a post the the ones of the left just can't handle that some of their most cherished beliefs are not accepted by others.
    Consider the methods used to end the life of a child in what should be the safest place on earth.
    The global warming scheme is coming more unravelled as we speak.
    It is a good time for them to sit down and listen to others.
    Cheers Bubba

    1. Fiscal conservatism is dead. Get on Harper's train or get run over. Your criticism of Stephen Harper is unpatriotic.

  2. I ran across this and it is an example of how some folks think, the comments are good however.
    The one that hit home to me was every abortion is a tragedy, for the mother and for the child.
    A beating heart is stilled forever.
    Cheers Bubba

  3. "No topic should be off the table Everyone should have their say."

    -- Agreed, which is why we should be debating whether or not god exists and why non-christians need to follow the dogma of a 2,000 year old book of contradictions, lies and hatred.

  4. Well if what you say is hate mongering, bigoted, or racist, is it not my freedom of speech to say that it is?

    1. Sure you can call me names but don't try and shut me up. Allow me to voice my beliefs too. I have a right to be offended just like you have a right to offend and vice versa as long as no one incites violence.

      I just don't like the hypocrites that say do as I say but not as I do.

    2. One more thing,make sure you don't spread lies. That goes for everyone!

  5. Bubba wrote: "Good topic for a post the the ones of the left just can't handle that some of their most cherished beliefs are not accepted by others."

    -- uh... You are aware that some of your "most cherished beliefs" (ie; god, the bible, Christianity etc.) are 'not accepted by others' right? Right?

  6. The main point of my post is that we should be free to debate all topics conducting ourselves with honor and respect regardless of the other side's views even though we don't agree.

  7. Sometimes though, people who say things are flat out wrong. To not want to "re-open the debate" on those topics isn't intolerance its preventing one wasting time.
    Flat earthers wanting to reopen that debate would be rightfully told no and nobody would accuse their detractors of intolerance. Anti-vaxers are another group for whom science has no support as indeed are creationists.
    Their objection to the science of vaccinations and evolution are not based in reality but solely on the threat that they feel such science poses to their faiths.
    As for when life begins, it began millenia ago and has been a continuous effect of reproduction since. When personhood begins is another matter altogether and life is just one quality a person must possess.

    1. To not want to "re-open the debate" on those topics isn't intolerance its preventing one wasting time.

      It's never a waste of time for respectful intelligent debate based on facts and not resorting to name calling.

    2. If you have explained it to someone over and over again and they don't listen then continuing to try and explain it is a waste of resources. If people are just plain wrong but refuse to accept it, insisting that you continue to dialogue with them is not debate. it's wishful thinking at best and is a waste of time and resources in reality.
      If folk debate because they are willing to consider evidence, fine; if they insist there is a debate when there isn't, futile doesn't begin to cover it.
      Also if evolution is up for debate in the classroom, why isn't it up for debate in the churches? I mean if there is a controversy as the fundies insist and debate is necessary, where are the debates in the pews?
      Debate recently has become a misnomer. It's a word the intolerant use to get their points of view aired in new fora, but not in their fora. Why because debate isn't really what they are after. That's a bit radical.

  8. Anon

    You can debate the existence of God if you want.
    That's a question of faith, btw the left does not disallow questioning like they do with AGW.

  9. Hang on a minute 'nonny I have not been in a church unless it was a funeral service, or a wedding for many years.
    As for bigoted, hate mongering, racist, hatred those words did not appear here until you appeared. perhaps you should think about that.
    I think the abortion question has never really been debated freely.
    Whatever it is I believe I am not expecting you to pay for it.
    As for people having to follow their conscience, I don't see anything wrong with that.
    I would like to see people engage one another in respectful dialogue.
    I will leave you with a thought though, the states G W Bush did best in were the ones that discouraged abortion.
    They average family was larger, you see it is not possible to leave the good china or your values to something that sadly does not exist.
    Seems to be a "Darwin" kinda thing going on.
    But hey aren't you glad your dear old Mom didn't visit a clinic?
    Cheers Bubba


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