Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Fight For Freedom

 Just as we were celebrating the repeal of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, by parliament a new fight for freedom emerges.

 The Canadian Broadcasting Standard's Council is trying to censor Ezra Levant claiming he violated Clause 6 of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics.
Ezra is not taking this lying down. He has a five point plan to fight back
1. Keep breaking the rules. I’m going to violate the censors’ rules every single day on my TV show. Not just me — I’m going to invite other TV and radio hosts who have been censored, and invite them to re-offend on my show. I’m going to make a mockery of the rules.
 2. Scrutinize their every move. Let’s point out their inconsistencies and how their rulings violate the Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of speech. Let’s shine a light on who exactly these censors are. Let’s make it an embarrassing job for them to have.
3. Build a grassroots army. Most journalists in the NSM (the non-Sun Media) are too timid to take on the censors. Let’s encourage them — this can’t just be a personal battle for me. But let’s get the ball rolling ourselves on blogs, Facebook, letters to the editor, etc.
 4. Encourage Parliament to act. The censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act was finally repealed this month. We need an MP to champion this and bring it to a vote — repeal the broadcasting regulations that require this sort of censorship on TV.
5. Contact the bosses. James Moore is the minister in charge of CRTC, the government agency that regulates TV and radio. His e-mail is
The prime minister is at
E-mail them. Tell them we want our TV and radio as free as the rest of the media in our life — newspapers, magazines and the Internet.
Ezra talks to Senator Mike Duffy.

So let's help Ezra demolish the  Code of Ethics, Clause 6 of the Canadian Broadcasting Act just like we did to repeal Section 13 of the Human Rights Act.

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