Monday, June 25, 2012

Canada to Blame for Europe's Problems?

 Europe has big problems but is Canada or the rest of North America to blame like EU boss Jose Manuel Barroso seems to think?

Conrad Black doesn't believe that and agrees that PM Harper is right in refusing to take taxpayers money to bail them out.  Neither do I or most Canadians for that matter. . Europe's dilemma was created  by no one but themselves.
 Stephen Harper is absolutely correct to refuse to contribute to World Bank assistance to Europe. The reward for the consistently intelligent fiscal management of Canada by both governing parties for more than 20 years should not be to assist rich countries that ignored our example and the warnings of their own wiser statesmen until the wheels came off the Euro-fable in all four directions.
The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, made the point at the G20 meeting in Mexico last week — in, as he thought, a reply to Harper’s comments on Europe’s self-generated economic and fiscal problems — that the current economic crisis originated in North America. That is not entirely true. It originated in the ill-starred fiscal and social policies of most European countries, and the tinder was set alight by bad financial, social, fiscal and regulatory policy in the United States.
 Barroso is out to lunch. Typical socialist!  North America did not hold a gun to European heads to implement their socialist policies that are now the cause of their problems.

On the other hand you have NDP leader Tommy Mulcair citizen of France 
demanding we hand over hard earned tax dollars to reward obviously failed socialist policies that is the root of Europe's woos.  We have enough of our own problems to deal with without getting involved in others.

Kudo's to PM Stephen Harper for saying no bailout and having their own resources to get themselves out.  Let's hope he sticks to his guns.


  1. I see the EU as a spoiled child, but who is now an adult and only wants to party. In order to continue partying through life, he expects you to fund it. Refusing to contribute to this and expecting him to straighten out his life results in him blaming you for his mess.

    Actually the EU is different from my example in that it remains a wealthy region, but still demands that other subsidise its mess so that the welfare socialist party can continue.

  2. damn canadians!!!! dont they know that with just a few billion more the great dream of socialist europe will finally be realized. its their right wing zealousness that just wants to see us fail.
    its that evil harper i tell ya!!!!! just ask angry tom, he'll tell ya the same thing.

    brad maynard

    1. Ha! Right on,Brad! That's about it.

  3. it is real simple. stephen harper realizes that europe's problems are theirs, not ours. they have been living on other peoples money since the second world war. produce what you need or die. stop expecting someone else to pay the freight. canadians, harper as well better grasp the same message.

    1. Yes,thank God we have in Stephen Harper as PM right now. He's someone who has his head screwed on straight unlike French citizen Tommy Mulcair who would most definitely sell the farm to please his fellow Europeans.

  4. someone should ask Comrade Mulclair where his euro bailout money would come from after he guts the oil sands


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