Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Public Servants Go To Church

 Must be really bad for those poor public servants they need go to church and pray.  Don't get me wrong here.  I'm all for  going to church to worship and pray but come on it's really that bad for these people?  I highly doubt. 

Civil servants have the sweetest salaries, severance, benefits and pensions that is the envy of the private sector.  Taxpayers just dished out $1.2 billion to bureaucrats who aren't even being laid off.  How good is that? 

Even those few who are being laid off are getting $850 million in severance from us.   Not too shabby I would say.  It's not exactly poverty besides I'm sure every laid off bureaucrat will be able to land a job in the private sector in no time.

When they go to church to pray they should be thanking God for the wonderful blessings bestowed on them via the taxpayer! Not how terrible the government is to them and how hard done they are!

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  1. i just know you are being sarcastic when you say the bureaucrats will do well in the public sector. heh.


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