Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alberta PCs Thinks We're Stupid

 Premier Alison Redford and Deputy Premier Doug Horner at Government House in Edmonton. 

On Thursday, Finance Minister Doug Horner presented us with the latest fiscal update.  It does not look good. We are headed for a massive deficit.  In Alberta, there is absolutely no reason we should be in deficit period full stop. What makes matters worse is that they are refusing to release the details.  We wouldn't understand it.  We wouldn't get it.   In other words, we are stupid.

“We didn’t do a technical briefing, because the reality is if we have to do a technical briefing for (journalists), how do we expect that Albertans are going to understand what I am telling them?
“I want Albertans to understand (that) the first-quarter results are based on actual-to-budget, just the way they would do at home or in their businesses, and that’s the way we are going to report.”
Come on do they really think we're that dumbSeems so.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says  that the PC government could be breaking the law.

So much for Nanny Redford's "This is not your father's PC party" and the promise of openness, transparency and accountability.

By the way, Nanny Redford doesn't seem worried.


  1. 'Alberta PCs Thinks We're Stupid'

    Not think dearest they know the proof is there even after she made outlandish ideas prior to the election while in government of bringing the NEP, PST and other things which I can't think at the moment(even though she backtracked on them) but the notion was still in her mind.
    She played her cards very well and look what happened. The first thing that she talked about was, is the NEP.

    Unlike Ontario where reporters are duped, Alberta has David Rutherford to keep track of her and PC's activities. WRP are on Alison's case.

  2. frmgrl, I don't know if you saw this video from SSN-AM AGENDA.
    Take a look and listen attentively to what he says about us(canada.

    Radical Islam and the West
    Bill Whittle joins the AM Agenda

    PS. Bill doesn't 'all' talk about the subject other issues came about.



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