Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Alberta

You have to be living on another planet if you don't know we have a different Alberta today.  Yesterday's election has given us a Rachel Notley ND government with Brian Jean's Wildrose as official opposition and the PC's got clobbered ending up in third place.  Here is the breakdown:

Frankly I'm glad that the PC's are gone but at the same time I am leery of the ND's in charge.  They will raise taxes, conduct a royalty review, and spend, spend, spend.  Goodbye Alberta advantage not that the advantage was great in the last days of the PC's.  Rachel Notely already indicated she was going to get rid of coal. 

I wish the Wildrose would have been the ones to take down the PC's but still did well given they suffered a big blow last fall with the floor crossers most giving them up for dead. They bounced back with a brand new leader who had been crowned just a couple of weeks before Jim Prentice called the election. They are the official opposition and a strong one who will hold Notley and her novice crew to account.  This after Danielle Smith and the floor crossers tried to destroy the party.

Voters chose the ND's not so much as the leader or their policies but as a protest vote.  Albertans were sick and tired of the PC's and their cronyism, corruption, and their sense of entitlement but I think the straw that broke the camel's back was the floor crossings last fall and calling an early election for political gain.

 The PC's had been in power for 44yrs.  No government should ever be in office that long.  It was way over do for them to go. Jim Prentice picking up his ball and going home even though he won his seat leaving the remaining caucus in the lurch.   If he can't be the big boss, he doesn't want to play at all. It's childish behavior and if that's how he wants  act then maybe he deserved to lose.

The next four years are going to be bumpy in Alberta.  We may end up being a have not province before it's all said and done.  Not going to good for the rest of the country.  Heck who's going to come and bail us out when we're down and out?

By the way why has the ND's wiped their platform and candidates bios off their website?  How about that for transparency?  And barely just elected!  Hmmm!


  1. This will be a historic day for Alberta when our children and grandchildren look back at how the province was destroyed. I don't know what the heck the voters were thinking but you just sold us down the river to become like Ontario and the maritime provinces. The PCs were not perfect but they were on the right track and they should have won cause they had Ms. Smith and the other former members of the Wild Rose and the experienced leadership of Prentice. I admit that I actually cried last night at the outcome. The only thing I can figure is that Alberta has allowed too much migration from the eastern provinces that had the socialists influence on this election.

  2. The people of Alberta are going to be very sorry in a years time. You only need to look to the Ontario fiasco that was the NDP government under Bob Rae to to see what going to happen there. Mark my words.

  3. I think the NDP will be on a short leash after holding talks with the energy sector and the WR holding them accountable. If they choose to implement NDP socialist and environmental policies full on and the Alberta economy tanks, their hold on power will be 4 years.
    Also what happens if Alberta becomes a have not province under provincial NDP rule? A pissed off Quebec, Maritimes and Manitoba does not bode well the federal NDPs chances. FlynPigRanch

    1. The next four years Brian Jean can find his footing as a leader and prove he is Premier in waiting at the same time grow the WRP base. The PC's are done as a party, maybe he can woo some of those over. I don't see a merger as some do.


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