Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What You Need to Know During This Election

Yes, I'm back for now.  I thought it important to come back during this time because during an election, I feel you need every resource possible to help fight what will be a long nasty campaign. 

Yeah it's still summer and we all want enjoy it while it's here.   I along with the rest of you have many things I need to tend to but at the same time this election is a very important one. 

Some things to consider and be wary of  and to question. 

The Conservatives have been in office for nine years and the NDP, Liberals and the Media Party will try to convince Canadians that we need change but do we,really?  Especially when you consider the alternative.

The polls.  Your polls have gotten so wrong in the past.  You have to consider the polling methods, questions asked, what media outlet commissioned the poll, and how the poll is interpreted.  Polls are not meant to seek pubic opinion but to manipulate it.

Media bias.  We all know the media party has had it out for PM Harper and the Conservatives for years.  Look beyond their rhetoric. They clearly have an agenda to oust the CPC and elect their choice.  Thank God they don't have as much influence as they used to.  The internet has become
 a source you can get at least some modicum of truth and facts.  Social media like Facebook and Twitter have become influential in recent years for election campaign information without the filter of the media.  An essential place for your election information is The Rebel Media.  Between Brian Lilley and Ezra Levant, they will give information that you will not get from the media party.
Blogs like Blue Like You, Crux of the Matter, BC Blue are also good sources to go to even  if you need to vent.

You're going to have to your own homework.  There will be so much disinformation out there coming from the parties, the media, trolls on social media.  Check out the facts for yourself and share with family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues etc.  A good place to start is here: 100 reasons to vote for Harper Conservatives on Oct. 19, 2015

A  properly informed electorate will always make the right choice.


  1. Thanks for the plug frmgrl. That 100 reasons is getting a lot of play on Twitter. So, feel free to spread the word to counteract the false narrative that the "conservatives haven't done anything." Plus, what they have done has made Canada the envy of the world.

    1. Your welcome and thanks Sandy. We all need to stick together right now. No infighting. We can debate civilly and intelligently. We'll come out ahead in the end.
      The word does need to get out, thus the link to your hard work and thank you for taking the time to gather all this together,

  2. Yes, the world seems highly attracted to buzzwords and trite phrases, with no meaning beyond a vague promise that things will get better if we.......etc.

    The USA bought into the "hope and change" theme,and they got change,from being a free enterprise Country where anyone who was willing to work hard could have the "American dream", to a psuedo- socialist,crony-capitalism Nation, bankrupt both morally and financially. There are over forty million people on food stamps, more than the entire population of Canada,and 37% of people capable of working,are NOT!
    I'm over being amazed at how easy it was done, our future generation has been dumbed down to a neurotic mob desperately seeking some purpose in their lives.

    So,the Media Party has a new hero today, Mulcair,the "moderate socialist", who has replaced Justin Trudeau, the "new messiah",whose vacuousness has finally become so apparent even his fan club is in despair.

    But, we need "change", as though that is necessary for our survival,but few ask the musical question,"Why?"

    In the distant past,(the 1950's) I heard from an old farmer,"if it ain't broke,don't fix it". Canada "ain't broke", and the fixers we are presented with couldn't successfully run a lemonade stand, let alone a Country.

    On Oct.19th, vote for "more of the same", it won't hurt as much as unneeded change.

    1. "In the distant past,(the 1950's) I heard from an old farmer,"if it ain't broke,don't fix it". Canada "ain't broke", and the fixers we are presented with couldn't successfully run a lemonade stand, let alone a Country."
      Have the CPC been perfect? Heck no, they've made mistakes but the alternatives are a non starter. Canada is in a better place because of PM Harper and his team.


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