Friday, August 14, 2015

The Media Party Registers As Third Party

If you had any doubts,  Ezra Levant reports that The Canadian Media Guild has registered as  third party in this federal election.
The Media Party should not pretend they're "just reporting" they're campaigning. They're campaigning hard too, since 2006 with their blatant bias.  They hate PM Harper and the Conservatives and are trying their best to defeat him. 

As conservatives our opposition is not the Liberals and NDP, it's the Media Party.   Let's not allow them to win. We need to call them out at every turn.


  1. I've been suspicious for some time as to why there are so many negative comments on CBC articles.

    This is a reply that I just sent 'Crux of the Matter" and am copying to you fmgirl, as it appertains to the same problem:

    " I think the fact that the CBC employees belong to this union answers questions of why the comments on CBC articles are hate-filled against Mr. Harper. It is perhaps these very union members employed at the CBC who are filling the comment section with their slant, which is often outright lies. There are thousands of comments, and virtually no rebuttals. That is not a cross-section of Canadian thought, so something is suspicious.

    1. Yup. They're busy campaigning for the other side. No time for balanced thought and commentary.


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