Friday, August 14, 2015

Political Theater

Thats what Brian Lilley calls it around the media circus around the Mike Duffy
trial. The media party will do anything to defeat the PM and the Conservatives.  They believe that the Duffy trial will do it but I don't think so.  Nobody cares outside the Media Party bubble and the NDP and Liberals.  There is NO smoking gun they so desperately are seeking to nail the Prime Minister with.  This  so called scandal is fizzling like all the others the Media Party tried to ignite.  As Brian Lilley so aptly describes this circus, "political theater indeed!


  1. Nope. The lies and cover up to Canadians will sink Harper.

  2. The Media are diseased. They'll do and say anything to defeat the "evil Mithter Harper"... Wright pays back taxpayers out of his own pocket and the Media scream "scandal"! Its pathetic and sad for a modern country like Canada being assaulted by these "progressive" activists in journalistic drag. The Media agenda is clear throw enough mud and hope it sticks, its truly unethical.

    1. I told my husband at the beginning of this campaign that one should not be too concerned about the Liberal and NDP campaign against the PM, that the real fight will be with the media. Looks like it's turning out to be so. The Media Party is alive and well. We need to call them out at every turn. We cannot allow them to get away with all the lies and spin. Inform everyone you come into contact with the facts.

  3. When I mention Mac Harb I get a blank look. Could you do a backgrounder on How someone who expensed more and has his trial postponed several times is not on trial during this election cycle and Duffy is. Also there were a couple of Liberal MPs caught in a housing expense problem. What are the differences?
    keep up the good work

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do my best to highlight Mac Harb and the Liberals in a separate up coming post. The NDP also owe almost $3 million for satellite offices they refuse to pay back.That will also be in a separate post. Watch for the Mac Harb and Liberal one for it sometime next week. The NDP one will be shortly after that. In the meantime I want to enjoy my weekend. You all have a great one yourselves.


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