Monday, August 17, 2015

The NDP Needs To Pay Back the Money They Owe Us

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  It has been shown that Thomas Mulcair's NDP broke House of Commons rules by misusing taxpayer funds to the tune of  almost $3 million by setting up "satellite offices" around the country in areas they have no MPs.

The NDP have been found guilty twice of abusing public money by improperly using their House of Commons privileges for unauthorized, partisan reasons. The first amount, approximately $2.7 million, is related to the illegal use of "satellite offices." The NDP used public funds to hire MP's assistants, but those staff members actually ended up performing partisan work as they were strategically placed across Canada, in many locations where the NDP had no MPs to support.

It was also found out that they misused $1.3 million for "illegal mailings."
The second amount, approximately $1.3 million, is for illegal mailings. All MPs are given "franking privileges" which allow them to communicate with Canadians via mail on matters of national importance in the performance of their duties as MPs. The NDP used their House of Commons resources to mail Canadians requests to donate and volunteer for the New Democrats, and directed them to their party's website. Elections Canada has already launched an investigation into these illegal mailings, since there is the potential of receiving an unfair election advantage by breaking the rules.
Both instances were determined by the Board of Internal Economy,a committee  which is made of members of all parties.
The all-party Board of Internal Economy, backed by non-partisan House of Commons staff, found that the cost for these two illegal operations is a staggering $4 million. The NDP and leader Thomas Mulcair do not dispute that they committed either of these acts, but they claim that they were unfairly judged by a "kangaroo court" that overruled the House of Commons' administrative staff approval of those offices and mailings. (The non-partisan Clerk of the House of Commons denies that her staff ever gave such approval.)
They  need to pay that money back.  Mulcair calls for the voters of Canada to fire PM Harper for
calling Mike Duffy to pay back the  $90,00 that he owed for claiming housing expenses in which did not involve one dime of taxpayers money.  It was Nigel Wright who used his own money to help Duffy pay his dues.
  Well maybe voters should fire Mulcair and his crew for refusing to pay back the  millions of taxpayers dollars they misused.  What a hypocrite!

By the way it's Mulcair and the NDP and the misuse of taxpayers dollars who the corrupt Media Party should be focused on like a laser instead of Duffy, Wright and PM Harper. 


  1. Isn't it convenient that the NDP court case won't run during this election, but next year 2016. Also, the Liberal Marc Harb trial was originally scheduled for Aug. 2015 but that trial is also cancelled now until 2016. Now we hear the media have registered with elections Canada as a third party to run against the Conservatives in this election.
    One rule for Conservatives and another for Liberals/NDP. Canadians are slowly catching onto this set up.

  2. It just shows that the media party/guild clearly has Harper Derangement Syndrome. Conservatives = bad Libs and Dippers = good
    Sickening really!

  3. I seem to remember that the Gomery enquiry found that over 40 million dollars was missing from government coffers because of Adscam.Would that be one of the reasons that the MSM want the Liberals back in power.$ 40 million or much more we don,t know for sure.When PM Harper gets back into power I would suggest to him that his first job would be to set up a royal commission on the Canadian press.

    1. The CBC for sure as we as taxpayers are forced to give them over $1 billion a year. After all we own that broadcaster.

  4. I laugh when CBC calls it a "CRIMINAL TRIAL". CBC Rosemary Barton is trying really really hard to earn her spot at P&P since the previous one was fired for his side business. Listen to them...trying to take each sentence from the trial with a fine tooth comb and TWIST it and cause confusion among the viewers. What a load of Tokyo Rose CBC . I can't wait to see the CBC fine tooth comb Liberal Marc Harb like this NEXT YEAR.
    CBC NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN...they are a third party advertising for the opposition in this election because the opposition say they will give the CBC MORE MONEY for their BIASED NEWS. Someone has to do something about the CBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don't watch CBC News Channel anymore. The only time my household watched the main channel is for Hockey NIght In Canada.
      They are what I call a vipers brood. CTV and Global are not much better as far as I'm concerned but at least we don't give them a billion taxpayers dollars every year.

  5. Canadian media bias and hypocrisy - the NDP has no intention to pay the 3 million dollars - Duffy paid 90 thousand dollars back a long time ago.


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