Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Is How Justin Would Grow the Economy

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 Justin Trudeau has a totally awesome way to grow the economy.
I kid you not!


  1. JT is a child in a metrosexuals body.

  2. It's the way progressives talk. The heart is supposed to mean compassion, love, understanding and blah blah blah. In other words, it is a motherhood statement and means nothing. Plus, it suggests that conservatives have no compassion, etc. What a joke!

  3. The heart is actually code for politically correct POWER control over everyone.

  4. Every time I read this, I still can't figure out what it means, which for me means it makes no sense. A certainty is that it gave me zero confidence in his ability or the ability of his advisors to give me, my family, my friends and especially my country the meat and potatoes of a common sense financial plan for our country.

    The "heart" just isn't going to do it but brains with a heart will. Those brains and heart happen to be with the guy we have now, without question.


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