Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trudeau Says Liberals Would Bring Transparency to Government

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Justin Trudeau claims if elected on Oct. 19 Liberals would clean up government.  

  “We will make information more accessible by requiring transparency to be a fundamental principle across the federal government,” Trudeau said in Montreal on Day 10 of the election campaign
His plan for the Senate is basically status quo.
Trudeau also said a Liberal government would bring substantial change to the scandal-tainted Senate by bringing in a merit-basedappointment process.

Uh, yeah the Liberals are fine ones to talk about transparency in government.
 Maybe they should pay back the $40 million that the Libs stole from taxpayers through adscam before they talk about transparency and cleaning up government.


  1. And if he becomes Prime Minister......"Selfies with every voter"!! Tops optional.

  2. Thats just what Omuslim and the "most transparent administration ever" said down south, but of course they continue to be the exact opposite... Alinsky rules. Trudo is an imbecile who just reads what his Obama handlers tell him to say. If the lies of" transparency" worked for Obarry and his criminal crew, maybe stating the same lie will work for the moron Justy. Transparency? Expect the exact opposite.


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