Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cap and Trade= Organized Crime

In Europe, cops are saying cap and trade is an organized crime scheme. So that should send signals to North America where Canada and the US are talking about adopting such a scheme.
We need to be careful and not let this through. Hopefully it can be stopped at the US Senate level. Then we don't have to go through with it, because remember, Minister Prentice and PM Harper said that we are going to integrate whatever we do with the Americans.

Fraud in Europe's Cap and Trade System a 'Red Flag,' Critics Say

"The top cops in Europe say carbon-trading is an organized crime scheme that has robbed the continent of $7.4 billion -- a massive fraud that lawmakers and energy experts say should send a "red flag" to the U.S., which approved cap-and-trade legislation over the summer amid stiff opposition."




  1. Of course a lot of people would love to get carbon trading going because they can make billions off it. Legally and illegally.

    Imagine, however, what lies around the bend when pension funds and people's retirement savings are fully invested into Carbon Credits and the science of man-made global warming comes clean and admits there is no link. Carbon Credit values will drop to zero and lots of folks will be left holding the bag. Worse than junk bonds or sub-prime mortgage fiascos we have witnessed in the last few years.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS frmgrl and to your family, May the Lord Bless you all.
    Thank you frmgrl for letting us use your blog to spread the 'good' news, pains and joy.

    I also wish our friends in the blogs a Merry Christmas. We have become friends and with God's Blessing we hope to continue to spread the good word for Him.

    We thank the prime minister for showing leadership both in Canada and in the world. God Bless you PM and to your family.


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