Friday, February 5, 2010

May God Be With You Jack

Jack Layton leader of the federal NDP party announced today he has prostate cancer but will stay on as leader and MP. Even though not all Canadians agree with his politics, I'm sure all will wish him well during this time. I know I do.

OTTAWA — NDP Leader Jack Layton has been diagnosed with a treatable form of prostate cancer.

Layton said Friday he will step away from an active political role for "several months" in order to undergo treatment, but will not step down as leader.

"I'm a fighter and I'm going to beat this," he told a Toronto press conference. (h/t) Ottawa Citizen

I pray that God would put His healing hand upon Jack and raise him up again to good health. I pray also that God would give Jack and his family the grace and the peace that passes all understanding through this this battle they have to fight. Jack, Olivia and family, may God richly bless you!

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  1. That's right Jack, you are going to beat this cancer with the Lord's help. Will pray for you. GOD BLESS.


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