Friday, February 5, 2010

What is Your MP Doing?

What have MPs been up to while Parliament is not sitting? Not much according to Kelly McParland. He even questions the value of question period. Shouldn't they not be busy at work in their constituencies tending to the concerns of their constituents? I'm sure some are. Not so sure others are though. We pay these clowns just to gripe and complain all the time? How about working together to make this country a better place for a change?

Some have given the impression that the PM and his caucus have been on vacation and the operations of government have stopped but that is not true of course, it keeps going. They have been very hard at work. Dealing with the Haiti crisis, planning for the up coming budget and the G8 and G20 summits this summer amongst other matters.

So I question, what has your MP been doing with themselves during this time away from parliament? Better check in and see what they're up to. We are their employers after all.

I know what my MP has been doing. My MP is Ted Menzies. He's the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance. He's been very busy juggling participating in round tables around the country working on the up coming budget and his duties in the constituency office. What is yours doing?


  1. I can assure everyone that the Member of Parliament in my Riding (Kelowna-Lake Country)
    is going to suffer burn out because of his workload.
    He came out to my seniors park last Thursday and spent hours addressing the needs of and listening to Seniors. I went to his office to arrange the visit and found his schedule to be one I couldn't keep up with. His agenda appeared to be filled up with "helping others"
    Kelly may have a poison pen at times with his National Post scribbles, but that doesn't make him right or fair all of the time.

  2. I hope every liberal and all the many others on the left are working hard because they bawled like children over this proroguing nonsense.

  3. I am sure that my MP, the disgraceful Hedy Fry, and other Liberals in Vancouver and surrounding districts are MORE than happy to have Parliament prorogued. Any of them who are whining are serious hypocrites. Hedy is working on a campaign to spend more of my retirement $$ on other people's pensions and health.


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