Friday, February 5, 2010

Who the Torched MP's Office?

Yesterday someone tried to burn down Mississauga-Erindale Conservative MP Bob Deckert's constituency office. It has been deemed an arson by the police. Damages are estimated at around $5million.

Who could have done such a thing? Security cameras caught the image of someone with a canister and what looks like a barbecue lighter.

Police have released a picture of a suspect taken from surveillance video.

If this is person who set the fire, he's a sick, demented individual who I hope is caught and has the book thrown at him. Only someone filled with hate would attempt something so horrible. Thank God no one got seriously injured.


Mikhail Khavkine, 42, who is wanted in connection with a $5 million Missisauga office building fire on Wednesday Feb. 10, 2010.

Police have ID the man and has issued a warrant out for his arrest. His name is Mikhail Khavkine,aged 42. I hope they catch this creep and he's put behind bars for a very long time.


  1. It looks a little like super mario, or a Liberal with a massive inferiority complex

  2. Media Continues To Insight Fear ..
    of nothing should have been the title, without bearing the consequences. Crazies respond to media-spun headlines ...

  3. I thought Deckert said the fire chief ruled out that he was the target from the starting point of the fire. Seems more likely that the insurance company was the target. Turned down his insurance claim, perhaps?

  4. Wow, this guy is busted, I'd say. That's a very clear picture and the perp has um a few, distinguishable characteristics. I mean, can there be many guys that have those exact overalls and wears them with such a sporty little cap?

    Unless of course he has disguised himself. For example, his arm size doesn't really match his body size....

    What a disgusting event at any rate. Fires are so difficult to deal with emotionally.

  5. Oh Man. I hope we find this guy and who he votes for.

  6. L said...
    Media Continues To Insight Fear ..

    Sonething dangerous is occuring within the media, it is not normal for the same media(cbc ctv g/m, g/m, etc, to echo the same 'hatred' they are in my opinion bought and owned by the LIBERAL HEADQUATERS. Tom CLARK has lost his credibilty as a reporter, he is being molded like Taber Craig Fife are. one voice in chorus against the prime minister of CANADA.
    They have more respect for terrorist OMAR KHADR, TALIBAN DETAINEES and terrorist groups which the opposition parties support. they also support the corruption thievery E.I scandal, not paying back the loans to the EC.
    They(media)have no pride anywhere in their body for this great country, nor for us all.
    If they did: the LPOC and all the corruption and garbage will be heard day and night. Unfortunately, nothing of this is seen nor heard.

    Many 'good' and decent reporters who care a great for this country and pride with which feel upon hearing the positive news of our country from foreign countries make these reporters write the good news.
    Not often do countries get good reviews standing ovation etc but when it does happen it is a message that we all should take with the greatest pride rather than destroy her never to hear anything positive.

    The PM and his conservative party as well us canadian stand apart from those who want to destroy this nation.
    This is my opinion.

  7. Spin Asassin, I concur with you.

  8. Jen, I agree. The national media in this country are corrupt IMHO. They're petty and juvenile who constantly feed lies compared to the journalists on Fox who are mature and professional who aim to give facts that's why I tune in to Fox all the time now.
    Thank God for Dave Rutherford, Charles Adler, Lowell Green, Roy Greene. Rex Murphy, Lorrie Goldstein, Lorne Gunter, Christi Blatchford. Most of the National Post journos are alright with the exception of Don Martin, are pretty fair too I think.

  9. I especially like Rex's latest:

    Why then, are he and his party still stuck in a tie with the Liberals -- especially now? After all, Mr. Ignatieff has had a run of six months or so as gruelling as any opposition leader-- including Mr. Dion-- in recent memory. It all, once again, comes down to Stephen Harper. A goodly portion of the Canadian electorate doesn't trust him, or has an indefatigable disposition not to like him, or have fixed an image of him as an ultimate doctrinaire hard right winger. And blue sweaters and Beatles songs, while they may temporarily moderate those negatives, do not banish them.

    And then there are those games he plays, of which prorogation is but the latest in a series, in which he hands critics and those citizens who are predisposed not to trust or like him one more great signal that the "crafty" "plotting" "hidden agenda" Stephen Harper is still inside there lurking under the soft blue wool cover. Every time he issues one of those "reminders," it's back to the starting gate for the Conservatives. Every time he lulls Canadians into a sense of ease with his performance or persona, he finds a way to start the alarms all over again.

  10. Looks like a russian gang member. (real conservative)


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