Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don Cherry Gives It To The Left Wing Pinko's

Outspoken, shooting from the hip, hockey commentator from Coaches Corner on CBC's Hockey Night In Canada gave a short but sweet humdinger of a non politically correct speech yesterday at the new Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford's inauguration.  He slammed the the pinko left wing media and lefties in general for his support of the military and because he goes to church.  Way to go Grapes! Enjoy his speech in the video below. 

Here are some statements of a couple of offended lefty councillors..
Many Toronto councillors weren't impressed.

"I don't think you belittle people in a public ceremony like this, I think it's unacceptable," said Coun. Adam Vaughan, Trinity-Spadina.

"Yes I felt insulted by it, I think many of us felt insulted by it," said Coun. Joe Mihevc, St. Paul's
.  Kudo's to Cherry for exercising his right to free speech.  It always seems OK for lefties to be offensive and be critical of conservatives but not for conservatives to criticize lefties. We are called every name under the sun. We're neanderthals, knuckle draggers, haters etc. They can give it but they can't take it! 
I say every time lefty heads explode is a good day.  By the way, I wish Mayor Rob Ford the best in his bringing  common sense to the city of Toronto.


  1. Ah yes, Adam Vaughan...when Ford had the temerity to get elected Mayor, Vaughan said that the left-leaning councillors would not recognize Ford as Mayor! They would, he said, choose one of their own to be the real mayor.

  2. Don Cherry rocks!

  3. Finally: Someone has the guts to tell it like it is. Good for Cherry!

    E Mac/

  4. the left wing pinkos are free to run for Mayor against Ford again.

    the left were not afraid to deploy every dirty trick in the book and they failed.

    It is time to tack back our Toronto, our Ontario and our country and undo the socialist state they have built.
    I am tired of being told to sit down and shut up.
    I am tired of being told what I can and can not say.
    What is “acceptable”, while my ideas and values are mocked and trampled.
    Enough. I have had enough.

  5. I don't think for one minute that the left have a notion on what the definition of 'insults' mean since they so well protected by the media to even feel the pain of that 'insult'- the conservatives can.

    Insults ridicule mockery name calling the lists goes on on seem to flow out of the opposition parties and their media without any recourse. Yet Don Cherry makes a remark and the lefty pinkos get their backs up.

  6. Nicely said,Jen. The media does cover the left's butts alright. Hopefully SunTV will be different and call the left and their media out.

  7. I agree frmgrl,and i am hoping that some of these media,be they tv,radio or newspaper are brought to their knee's and humiliated.If there is Santa or Fairy godmother,please let the first to go under be the CBC.

  8. Thanks Don, it was a rough speech but it was in the moment and it was real and insightful. The left have run this country into the ground and now it is our turn to take back control and right it again. (real conservative)

  9. If Cherry had the hands to shoot the puck when he was a player like he can shoot from the lip now he would have been the Crosby of his day. Way to go Grapes well said!

  10. Apparently there are otherwise right wing people who thought this was too low brow for politics. To that I say Cherry endorsed Ford and Fantino, and both won very improbable victories. Don Cherry is the greatest threat to Liberal in Toronto, if he is going to start getting vocal about federal politics. The Don might have the "Midas Touch". He is an entertainer, and not held to the same expected level of decorum as we demand of our politicians.


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